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Posted 7th November 2010, 10:14 PM
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2011 2nd Annual Pigeon-Talk Classic

I hope the polls were not too frustrating. The idea behind them was mainly to see about how many people were thinking about participating as well as get some feed back. I didn’t intend for the group to necessarily decide what to do. It looks like we could have around 50 members participate, which is great. I know life happens and don’t know if we will get that many, but if we do great.

As far as the polls this is what I am thinking. No auction, no buy back, but I am not going to be able to do it for free. As was mentioned in one of the posts I will be saving a ton of time and money not having breeders and the work associated with them. I also do not have an old bird team. 100% of my time and $ I have to allocate to pigeons will be spent on the young bird team. With the exception of a pair of white birds, I have 0 pigeons. The reason I am going this route and just fly others birds to save time for the other important things in my life.

I have two options, #1 Go the club route or #2 the forum route. The guys in my club are interested in having me fly their birds. It would be cool to do this same thing at the club level we did here last year. Each guy sends a team of four. Pool the birds each week. I would not have to post anything anywhere. The guys can just look at the results each week. There is no way I would collect a fee for doing this nor do I think they would pay. Out of the two options going the club route would be a lot easier. No videos, posting updates, messing around at the post office picking up and shipping birds, or the stress of having to report lost or sick birds in the forum.

I think it is fun on the forum. Like I said before I want to do it. I enjoy the videos, stuff like the pretty pigeon show, but it is a lot of extra work.

Here is what I am able to do next year:

  • Two bird limit per breeder, $20 dollar per two bird team, nonrefundable, no replacements.
  • Have birds shipped to me around 30 days old.
  • Birds accepted anytime the weeks of March 21, 28, April 4, or 11.
  • You pay to ship the birds to/from my loft, If money to ship the birds back is not received within two weeks after the last race the bird becomes my property.
  • The winner of the Pigeon Talk Classic will be the bird who scores the most points in the combine for the season.
  • The entry cap is going to be 50 two bird teams.

The $20 will be sent with the birds or sent prior to that to secure your spot. I am going to build a new loft. I will not accept any money until the loft is complete.

We have a couple junior members that want to participate in 2011. A few generous donations that have not been made yet will allow those junior members to participate for free. If you are interested in donating or are a junior member wishing to participate send me a PM.

I will throw this out there one last time. If anyone else is interested in hosting this year shoot me a PM and I will retract this post and fly club birds.

You should start to see some loft construction photos around the holidays. Any questions post away… This will be a lot of fun.
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