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Posted 7th December 2009, 12:01 PM
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"OUR" 1st Annual Pigeon-Talk Classic

Please check the updated rules... I am excited to invite you to participate in a one loft race open to PT members only. I emailed a couple other members of the forum and we bounced a few ideas back and forth (I really appreciate the help). I think ultimately it has to come down to one of the quotes from the forum ďsomeone sets up a set of rules and if a person doesnít like them, then they can keep there birds at homeĒ. I also really like the ďone loft, one handler, one group of birds, no one else involvedĒ quote, basically Iím calling all the shots as to how things will be done. If you have advice Iím all ears. If you have a complaint or donít like how things are done, as this gets going, you have a few options:

1. Donít enter the race, (leave your birds home)
2. Send me a check for shipping and I will ship your bird back to you
3. Come pick your bird up
4. Talk to someone who cares (I hope that doesnít sound rude)

In order to make this work I cannot have 40 people calling me at their convenience to talk about their bird. All communication will need to be in the forum, via email, or the blog. I will give weekly updates on the birdís progress and have the birds ready come the first race.

There was a question of what to do about the money. I have decided the easiest way to handle it is I will front the money until the $50 fee per bird is paid September 1st. If a bird is not in the loft September 1st and you have paid I will refund the $50, after September 1st no refunds. Now 100% free to you, except shipping Updated 3/22

If you are interested, you can add to this post. To register officially and reserve your spot you need to complete the entry form. It is time stamped and the race will be first come first serve. Once we get 40 breeders, I will pull the plug on the registration form. Check out the blog and rules. Let me know if you have any questionsÖ


PS Originally, I was not going to handle my own birds, but hey, this is for fun and I am making the rules. My Verbruggen/Janssens will be in the mix!!

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one loft race

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