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Posted 19th September 2010, 08:14 PM
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One only needs to read these pages to know Becky has many friends and has earn many's respect. I'm sorry for your loss. Please beware, once a dog gets the taste of blood it usually wants more. I'm also glad the injured birds have doctor Becky to look after them.

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Nictorious Ali Nictorious Ali is offline
Posted 19th September 2010, 08:47 PM
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Wow thats terrible! I used to live near a few trailer parks when I was younger the ppl there are not exactly the easiest to work with either... Good luck
"Seest thou not that it is God Whose praises all beings in the heavens and on earth do celebrate, and the birds (of the air) with wings outspread? Each one knows its own (mode of) prayer and praise. And God knows well all that they do."24:41
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jpsnapdy jpsnapdy is offline
Posted 20th September 2010, 10:46 AM
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Hi Becky,
I've been away for quite some time and just read this post. It must have been terrible for you! I had something similar happen to me once when our dog killed some of the birds. I think you're right about it being a dog. Mine too didn't do it to eat them but for the fun of it when he was still a young dog, it was just a game for him but a deadly one for our feathered friends . After I trained him, he would actually snarl at anybody who got too close to the pigeons. I never let him enter the loft, though.
So I guess we just have to be extra careful.
God bless,
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Posted 20th September 2010, 10:55 AM
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Thank you everyone The birds are much more calm now and I've moved a pair back to the loft. They had most of their tail missing but nothing too serious as far as puncture wounds go. Boy was the male happy to get back to his nest box! He looks quite funny with his little stumpy butt But that hasn't hurt his pride any - he's still strutting his stuff like he owns the place. I would have been able to move one more over, but I'm still pretty wary about him (the one who had blood in his mouth). He looks like nothing ever happened to him, but I'll feel better once I see him perch on the pole in his cage. I wouldn't want to put him back in the loft until I know he'll fly and get around okay. Speaking of which, I still have 4 birds with hurt legs/feet. One is just barely limping and will put it down when he needs to. The other 3 slide and hobble around. Today I'll check them out and see if I can tell where they are broken. I also discovered one of my young birds has a broken leg at the knee joint, so I'll need to figure out how I'm going to brace hers too.
Becky M. L.
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Posted 21st September 2010, 10:00 AM
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Wow Becky! That's terrible! I feel so bad you had to go thru that . Poor birds. But I am so glad to hear your other injured birds are gonna be ok. And how great some of the PT members are offering to help you out! What about 'you'? You doin ok?

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Posted 22nd September 2010, 05:58 AM
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Originally Posted by bluebirdsnfur View Post
Wow Becky! That's terrible! I feel so bad you had to go thru that . Poor birds. But I am so glad to hear your other injured birds are gonna be ok. And how great some of the PT members are offering to help you out! What about 'you'? You doin ok?
I was wondering the same, I know I kicked cans around the yard for week's. The neighbor did finally pay restitution and a very sincere apology, we are still good neighbors to date. >Kevin
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