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Posted 15th September 2010, 05:39 PM
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Worst day ever

I'm so exhausted right now, that I don't really feel like typing, but I need to get it off my chest.

Today when I got home from school, I saw black chicken feathers all over the yard - no chicken in sight. Went down towards the OB/breeder/chicken loft and noticed Ringo, my white polish chicken, was dead near the fence. Picking him up, I saw what looked like a pigeon popping up above the grass. Walked over and it was in deed a dead pigeon. At first glance I thought a hawk got him, and he was a young bird with a blue IF band. Only it wasn't. It was AU 05 TULSA 5202, aka "3K" - the father of my first race winner, the father of one of the birds in the PT race. Instantly ran to the loft knowing whatever killed all my birds HAD to get in the loft to get 3K. I was right. 6 more birds lay dead on the floor, 8 more injured birds sitting in nest boxes, the aviary, and on the floor. I lost my two best cockbirds, the last hen from one of the best previous fliers in our club/combine, a bird from Renee (Lovebirds), etc. Other good birds were injured, including Achiles, the Sion from Don (bbcdon), but luckily he only has his tail missing and some wounds down there. One of the other hurt birds is Big Red, who has wounds all over, but his crop is torn open and seeds falling out. Vrai, another hurt cockbird, has blood in his mouth and when I picked him up, he started grunting, breathing harder, which made the gurgling sound of blood appear. Otherwise, his breathing sounds normal until he gets scared and huffy. One of the hens, Sue, has a hurt wing, but not broken. She just sits on the floor though, so I'm guessing that hole side got bit or swiped at. My cockbird Melonhead has a nice chunk missing from the side of his butt, and has to slide/hobble across the cage.
Everyone is in their own individual cages with antibiotics. The birds that LOOK fine in the breeder loft are also getting medicated.
After cutting off the bands of the dead and burying them, I found one of my muscovies dead in the creek. So that's 11 dead birds all together, 8+ injured (can't catch the other chickens to tell if they got hurt too, but I'm sure they did). 3K was worth what his name implies. The fact he sired my first winning bird makes him priceless to me. So I'm not letting anyone get away with this without hearing from me. Every trap we own is set, and when I catch the dog, its owners will be taken to court. I will get money for the damage, if only enough to take the injured to the vet. You can't easily replace good breeders, but I'm going to have to try...and start over. Again. 3 years and I thought I was getting somewhere. So much for that. Now I have to evaluate more birds and new pairings.

From the moment I saw the birds on the floor, I burst into tears. That lasted about an hour until I couldn't cry anymore. Then I was so mad I could kill someone. And now I'm just drained from all emotion. This is really NOT a good day for me.
Becky M. L.
RKM Lofts | RKM Art

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds." - Aesop

~Semper Fidelis~
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