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Posted 19th September 2009, 04:43 PM
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Pigeon Found Us In Colorado

Please help. Several weeks ago a beautiful pigeon started hanging around our neighborhood...rather unusual because we have no pigeons in our immediate area. He has to have been someones pet because he is relatively tame. Of course I had to feed him!! He looks well, eats and drinks well. I just want to find him a home. I've not had much luck finding pigeon people in Colorado. I even went to a bird vet and was told to give him to an animal rescue for use for their raptors. Needless to say I won't take ANY animals there!! He is sleeping on our front porch at night but it will soon be too cold. Are there any NICE pigeon people here in northern Colorado? This bird deserves a good home.
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Hillybean Hillybean is offline
Posted 19th September 2009, 05:15 PM
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PLEASE if possible catch the poor thing and take him inside. He will not make you sick...

Once he is caught finding him a home through here should be easy. Is it possible for you to take a picture?? He might be a certain type of pigeon, and that could make a world of difference.

If no one local can be found, pigeons can be shipped through USPS legally.

Keeping him safe,fed, and water is important.

Thank you for caring about him .

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Jaye Jaye is offline
Posted 19th September 2009, 06:20 PM
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Agreed. Sounds like he/she is a domesticated one, not a Feral. So, if he trusts you enough to come back for food each day...keep feeding him. See if you can get him/her to follow the food into an area where you can corner/trap her/him.

I have had good luck with literally sprinkling food right across my threshold and into my entry hall. They follow it in (sometimes there have been 3 or 4 that follow it) and I just hide behind the door and close it....then sort thru the birds flying around my living room until I find the one I wanted to help )

Hard to trap a pigeon if they have a 360 degree escape route (even a domesticated one).

The thing with trapping is....earn their trust first...because if you do it clumsily and miss...that pigeon may not come back again (or, he/she may...but you don't know...) But who knows ? if she trusts humans she may even allow you to get close enough to just scoop her up.

Hey...once you have him, it won't be all that hard to find a home...be it a home, a loft, or an aviary somewhere.

Thanks for helping him.
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Posted 19th September 2009, 07:27 PM
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It would be helpful to know where in Colorado you are located. I also agree that you need to bring the Pigeon inside and that a picture would be helpful.
Thank you for contacting us and thank you for caring.

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Posted 19th September 2009, 07:32 PM
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If he is sleeping on your porch he would be easier to catch at night. I agree, bring him inside before he becomes a raccoons nighttime dinner. You cared enough to feed him and to get on this website, are you sure you don't want one for a pet. They are wonderful and you won't regret it. I mean you have already had contact with him for a couple weeks now, whats a couple of years. lol min
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