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Missina Missina is offline
Posted 31st July 2003, 05:18 AM
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courting, breeding, eggs and ?'s

the pair of rollers that I have inside the house have been corting and breeding, acutly the male has taken to cooing even at night!
Watching them go from acting like they hated one another to being absolutly in love with one another proved rather interesting. Their courting behavor reminds me of bettas, the male chasing the female all around, displaying and showing off how big and strong and right he is. the female runs away and plays hard to get untill she gives up after she decides that the male is acutly kind of ok. And I also saw the male feeding the female, that was something differnt. They have also taken to laying next to each other in the little box thing that I gave them to use as a nest box, although Im not sure its might be to big but they are laying in it. And this morning the male was laying it in and the hen was above it and she started cooing to him, he got up and started cooing and then he jumped to the bottom of the cage and started eating.
Now for my questions.
1.How long after courting and breeding do pigeons normaly begin to lay their eggs?
2. should I be feeding them anything ealse apart from their pigeon seed mix and grit and lots of water?
3. the inside pair seems much happer in this 4ft high, 2ft wide, 2ft long cage as compared to the pair who is outside in the flight with the other birds. Do they not like open spaces? they are getting better but more slowly then the pair I took inside the house.
4. what kinds of materal should I give the inside pair to make a nest with? right now the box which is not a box. this is their cage. acutly the male right now is in it scrawping stuff around. I gave them some shreded newspaper and pine bedding in it for now.
5. I after the eggs are laid and hatched and all of that stuff, should I remove the chicks to handfeed? I want them to be pets, but does one have to do this with pigeons? if it is better to pull and handfeed for pets, at what age in pigeons should this be done?
6.The pigeons did not begin corting and breeding untill after they saw my baby cockatiels, could this have triggerd them into breeding? I know that my racing pigeon WIllow would go crazy at the sight of a baby bird, she LOVED them even if she as not allowed near them.

Ok that about does it for me and questions for now. Thank you all for any and alll of your help. if anyone has any usefull sites on any of the stuff I asked or anything related, don't be shy!

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maryco maryco is offline
Posted 31st July 2003, 05:56 AM
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It takes about 10 days after mating for the eggs to be laid, the nest will also be built about 5 days or less before the eggs are laid.

If your birds are indoor birds then they don't get direct sunglight so you should provide some vitamin/mineral supplements that go into the water.

Pine needles will make a good nesting material.

After the eggs are hatched I would leave the babies with the parents (If they get the pigeon milk they will be much healthier I'm sure so since they open their eyes at around 5 days old I would at least leave them for those 5 days)
What I would do if I wanted tame birds would be to leave them in the nest with the parents until they are 5 days old.
I would sit beside the nest that way they will get used to me as well as the parents (My Pearl allows me to sit beside her and play with the eggs while she is on the nest) that will help get the baby used to humans/me and then at about 9-10 maybe I will remove him if I wanted to handfeed myself.


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baby bird, nesting material, pigeon milk, pigeon seed, pigeon seed mix, pine needles, racing pigeon, seed mix

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