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GimpieLover GimpieLover is offline
Posted 19th January 2006, 12:31 PM
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Would she come back?

even if my bird is scared of me do you guys think that if she were to get out and fly about would she come back to her coop?
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Posted 19th January 2006, 01:28 PM
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Well....that all depends...

I wouldn't take that kind of chance, pigeons have to be trained to come back to their coop. Also, do you know the history behind this bird?

Is the bird healthy?
Is this feral or homing pigeon?
If feral, it may not have the instinct, if homing pigeon has it homed somwhere else before?

How old is it?

How long have you had it?
Camrron Camrron is offline
Posted 19th January 2006, 03:43 PM
Join Date: Dec 2005
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I asked my vet the same sort of question as you Gimpielover. The answer that I got was: if your bird is at home where she lives and understands that to be her home, if that is where the food is and she feels safe there then they will return. I was also told there is no guarantee. Some birds will fly off and simply never return. That is part of their nature. I have been doing a lot of hand-wringing lately thinking about this too. We want what is best for our birds without having to fear they came to harm as a result of our actions or inactions. In the end I guess it comes down to, as Treesa said, would you want to take that chance. I am also curious to know if your bird is a feral. Thanks.

kippermom kippermom is offline
Posted 19th January 2006, 03:56 PM
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: thousand oaks, ca
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will she come back

I am in the same boat...is letting them fly in a large garage or shop better than nothing? That way, they will come back to the cage at some point for food and water but they are not at risk if they are late, overnight or not savvy to prey. Somebody's thoughts?
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Posted 19th January 2006, 04:19 PM
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here are my thoughts. first of all, your bird being scared of you really has nothing to do with it unless it's scared from being mistreated. My birds are "scared" of me. I mean, they don't come jumping up in my arms, they don't want me catching and holding them. That's the kind of "scared" I'm talking about. I personally would not attempt to "re-home" a pigeon. I know it can be done but there are no guarantees. If you want free flying birds, start with youngsters and train them to home and trap into your loft. If the birds you are talking about are adults or have flown or homed to some one elses loft, don't even try it. If you are worried about hawks, then keep them in doors. A hawk will get your pet or your favorite bird every time! Murphy's Law. LOL We race our birds, therefore we must fly them. Every time we let them out we take a chance on something bad happening and it has happened and will continue to happen. Talking about "pet" birds and "race" birds are like talking about apples and oranges. Bottom line, if you think that it is of the utmost importance for your bird/birds to have some flying time, then just be prepared for what can happen. There are thousands of birds raised every year by race fanciers for the sole purpose of breeding and they are never flown a day in their life. I don't think any have died from it. It's really a personal choice. If you start with a young bird, the likely hood of it leaving is not that great. We (racing folks) loose the vast majority of our birds during training and racing. If all we did was fly them in the back yard there would never be the losses that we see. Now, having said all that, I do beleive that birds were given wings so they can fly. We do have prisoners that will never fly again and I really do hate that, but, they have a good home, are treated with the best care I can give them and they seem pretty darn happy to me. Every youngster we raise that is going to stay in our loft is loft trained. Even if I don't intend to race them, they are still broken to our loft and allowed to fly once in a while. So, every one has a different opinion. You basically have to make the call your self.
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Pikachu23739 Pikachu23739 is offline
Posted 19th January 2006, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by GimpieLover
even if my bird is scared of me do you guys think that if she were to get out and fly about would she come back to her coop?
I think she would if you had a flock with her 50% chance she'll come back..
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GimpieLover GimpieLover is offline
Posted 19th January 2006, 08:18 PM
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Location: Chatsworth CA
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hum ok from the sounds of all of this i realy dont think she would come back. she seems comfortable with her soroundings but i still think she is a little nervous about everything. i figured out she is not scared of me just my hands. poor girl. (for those who dont remember Jezzies story, she was taken from a horrible pet shop where the man was extremely rough with her and was not had raised so i have a lot of befriending to do. im trying to teach her that hands arnt evil and that they bring peanuts o man she loves her peanuts. i have been thinking about those bird leashes, because she never was able to fly or move around much so now i have her shes enjoying re learning to fly. shes not that great at it yet but shes getting better. and with the leash i could take her out with out worrying if she would fly off and never come back.
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Posted 19th January 2006, 09:32 PM
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Gimpielover, sounds like shes a pet? i wouldnt chance letting her outside ever. she can still fly inside, if you have a safe room for her and no way of her getting outdoors (my birds fly this way), or you could build or have an outdoor aviary for her to be outdoors safely. even with a leash there are risks, and a hawk could still injure her. im glad you rescued her from a horrible situation.
babyangelwings babyangelwings is offline
Posted 20th January 2006, 05:50 PM
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Would she come back?

What in the world is a bird leash?

pet shop, young bird

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