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Posted 2nd January 2014, 11:28 PM
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Laughing Kookabura

For some weeks I had been hearing the unmistakable call of a laughing kookabura . Only a week before where I buy my pigeon feed I noticed they had a kookabura in a cage , when I made enquiries about it, the owner of the feed store told me it flew into someone's pigeon loft a few suburbs away and it was awaiting collection from a native animal carer.... so you can imagine my surprise to hear another.

It is highly unusual to find a kookabura in the suburbs...they usually live in families of up to seven or so in country areas . I can't help but feel this guy I've been hearing has been taken from his natural surroundings and there is a connection with the other kookabura recently found.

Anyway....I finally was able to lay my eyes on him and saw that he was being severely harassed by Noisy Miner birds and Magpies. Like an idiot I waved my hands in the air and did my best to call him over .
I nearly fell over when he flew from the powerlines into the gum tree that shades my loft..... I called him again and he flew down to the fence where I was standing . I ran inside and stole some of my cats mince and offered it to him which he calmly took from my hand . He came back to me on christmas day and I was able to feed him by hand again .

They are truely a magnificent bird with strong beaks and would pose a serious risk of injury to a bird wanting to pick a fight , or even a finger for that matter. Their call sounds exactly like a laugh , hence their names ...the vocalizing is usually to warn other kookabura's of their territory . I plan to contact an appropriate organization and seek advice whether I Should try and cat h him so he can be intergrated with a new family an released .

Here are some shots that I was able to take of him

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Posted 3rd January 2014, 09:29 PM
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Amazing bird! Thank you for the photos and for helping this one get to where it needs to go!

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