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Posted 15th September 2010, 01:51 PM
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Well some major improvement this afternoon.

Two really big growths came away which has cleared his throat well enough to tube feed so he's had a decent feed tonight of Kaytee.
I only had green bananas Kevin, so didn't use that as it would be too hard ! Have to wait until they ripen.

Very disappointed though to see his lower beak didn't close as a result which I'd hoped now the main protusion has come away.
He still has lot of bits remaining and the mouth looks very sore and red but he should breath more easily now.

With regard to your note Kevin about not being able to digest seeds yet, I do remember previous adult Woodie I had with severe canker last year sadly passed away and I'm afraid it might have choked on seeds then.
He'd been doing ok and the main blockage came away after a few days and he immediately went mad eating seeds as he was no doubt starving. I was gutted when I found him dead only a few minutes later. I checked down his throat to try and find out what had happened and he had a seed stuck in his windpipe. Whether this was the cause of death I don't know but I won't let this youngster start on self feeding for a good while yet just in case.

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Posted 15th September 2010, 02:12 PM
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Hi Janet, thanks for the update. Glad to hear there has been an improvement. You need to medicate with Metronidazole for fourteen days because there may be nodules where you cant see (internal canker) I would give Spartrix one a day for about 5 days also.
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Posted 24th September 2010, 02:00 PM
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: West Midlands. UK
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This youngster is doing quite well. I did nearly lose him in the first week when the first large canker pieces came away and he bled quite badly, but he pulled up.

He's still on Flagyl for another few days to take it up to fourteen in total.

He still has some new canker appearing on the lining of his mouth which I've been treating with topical application of Flagyl. It's a bit clearer today.
Also he still gets some mucous in his throat, I'm hoping this clear before the meds finish.

I haven't let him go back to self feeding seeds yet as I'm worried they might get stuck in his throat if he's still producing mucous so I tube feed him Kaytee four times a day.

The one thing I wanted to see if I could correct if at all possible is his deformed beak. It doesn't meet and I'm concerned this will deem him unreleasable if he has trouble picking up seeds.

As he's still a youngster the beak hasn't changed yet to the adult yellow so is still fairly flexible. When I have him out to feed, I sit and hold it gently in the correct position for around 10 minutes at a time and he tolerates this well.
He can obviously breath ok like this so I was wondering if I was able to secure it in the right position with a band (or something like) for short periods of time between feeds while he's resting, what are the chances of it helping to re-position the lower beak while he's still developing.
I do think there's been a slight improvement through just holding it in position for a few minutes, but it's still not closed fully. I'd hate to miss an opportunity of helping him if it's possible but obviously don't want to hurt him in any way.

Any thoughts?


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