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joyful joyful is offline
Posted 3rd November 2009, 06:55 PM
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twisted head pigeon, do he has Paratyphoid?

Hi, I need your advice on this:

It all started with trying to feed a pigeon with the wounded leg. Then a few more…than about 30 of them come to have meals.

This past weekend, there is a pigeon with twisted head, seeing him with great difficulty competing for food. I caught him and put in a big box.
Past two days, he is so quietly, never attempt to try. I saw him drinking water and eating seeds.
This evening, he suddenly making a lot of noise. I peeked in and saw ……..
I saw the pigeon unable to walk probably, his head is always twisted in an awkward position looking at me.

Is this pigeon has paratyphoid?
I panicking when I saw “The head twisting is a symptom of paratyphoid”
My questions are:
Do this pigeon has paratyphoid? What are other diseases I should consider?
What are the name of the medicine? How do I feed it to the pigeon?
I have another bird at home, I wonder if Paratyphoid is contagious to other birds?
How do this disease spread to other birds or to humans?
I am very worry; I do not want my healthy bird or my family to be caught in any disease.
If I want to sanitize my home, is there any cheap and effective remedy that is safe to birds?

Any advice or suggestion is very welcome.
Thank U for answering.
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lwerden lwerden is offline
Posted 3rd November 2009, 07:09 PM
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Hi Joyful..........Thank you so much for caring and taking this bird in. Please stay calm.

If it is PMV and that is a big if, it is not contagious to humans. As far a I know there is no known medicine for treatment of this disease. Supportive care is all you can do for now. It is best to keep the bird in a dark quiet place. Make sure it is able to eat and drink on it's own or you might have to supplement by some hand feedings. This disease can take some time to subside, but most birds do recover.

As far as your other bird is concerned. Make sure you keep the birds seperated and be sure to exercise proper hygine after handling the ill bird. Wash your hands after each exposure to the bird, before you interact with your other bird. The best disenfectent you can you is regular bleach and water.

I am not that experienced and I am sure there will many other more experienced members along with alot more advice for you.

You just sounded so concerned and upset, I wanted you not to be so worried.
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TAWhatley TAWhatley is offline
Posted 3rd November 2009, 07:13 PM
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Hi Joyful and welcome! It is possible the bird does have paratyphoid, but it could also be paramyxovirus (PMV) or even both. Could you please let us know where you are located as that information may be helpful in determining what's going on with the bird?

There are several drugs that are effective against paratyphoid. With PMV, there really aren't any drugs to use to cure it. PMV is caused by a virus.

If you are being careful with your hygiene (washing your hands after handling/caring for the ill bird, not sharing any food or water utensils with another bird, and not letting the bird have free roam of your place) any risk to you or another bird should be minimal.

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Jay3 Jay3 is offline
Posted 3rd November 2009, 07:38 PM
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Yes, where are you located? Is it possible to post a picture of the bird?

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plamenh plamenh is offline
Posted 3rd November 2009, 07:41 PM
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Hi Joyful,
Thank you for helping this bird.
As Terry allready said, It can be various things. Most important is hygiene to keep your other bird healthy.
Salmonella - paretyphoid can be treated with chloramphenicol.
PMV - supportive care vitamins and immunostimulants.
Canker - Spartrix, Metrodinazole etc.

Please check wheat is the poop looks in the sick bird. Is there any smell, Check inside the mouth and see the color, smell, any growth.
Check the vent of the sick bird, clean or dirty. More information will help determine what is the problem.

P.S. Any chance you can take bird to the Vet?
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Feefo Feefo is offline
Posted 4th November 2009, 05:31 AM
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It sounds like PMV to me, this is because it was competing for food despite the illness and because it has fallen over and had a "fit".

This link gives information on PMV symptoms, treatment and care.

If you are in the UK, please check with me before you take him anywhere! This is because it is a notifiable disease, most vets will euthanase because of this and most sanctuaries and wildlife hospitals will euthanase because they don't have the facilities for long term care and isolation.

(Sorry, I posted the wrong link, it has been corrected now)
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paratyphoid, twisted head

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