The lives of humans and pigeons have been intertwined throughout the ages. In fact, the passion to raise and own pigeons dates back more than 6000 years. History is replete with impressive pigeon credentials and noble lore. With a review of the facts, one can easily conclude that far and away, the pigeon is our oldest, greatest and dearest feathered friend.Today the pigeon hobby is quite diverse. Raising Show Pigeons, Racers and Performing Pigeons is a big part of this hobby. Raising or adopting pigeons as personal pets is becoming popular as well. All paths lead us to an appreciation of the beauty and charm of the pigeon, which somehow enhances our quality of life.

At Pigeon Life we celebrate the pigeon in all its forms. From the fancy breeds to the feral variety, to the magnificent Passenger Pigeon of yesteryear, you will find enthusiasts here.This site is a visual and intellectual tribute to all pigeons everywhere in the world, so please look around, ask and answer questions, and above all, enjoy yourself!


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