The Pigeon

The individual pages contain details of various classifications of pigeon and, where available, show:

  • An overview or introductory note
  • Artwork and/or photographs (click on a picture to view it full size on a separate page)
  • Links for further information
  • Literature

Web links and literture for general pigeon information below:



Basic Care for Pigeons Young and Old
Basic Pigeon Care – Frank Mosca


Keeping and Breeding Doves and Pigeons – Gazette Magazine
Family Photo Album – Raising Young Pigeons


Candling Your EGGS
Candling Eggs for Beginners – with Pics
Univ of Illinois – Candling Eggs
All about EGGS from A to Z
Incubation and Embryonic Development


Pigeon Courtship – BIRDSCOPE, Cornell Lab of Ornitholoty


Interesting and Amazing Facts about Pigeons!



  • Wendell M. Levi, The Pigeon (Levi Publishing Company, Incorporated, 1981)

“A tome of epic proportion. The Pigeon is a comprehensive look at the contribution and relationship pigeons have made to mankind. Nearly all facets of the bird’s value to humanity are examined, including historical data and the various pigeon fancies. Lavishly illustrated.” (Rayb)

[Note: this book was first published in the 1940s, and is therefore dated in many aspects]

Amazon review: “This book is clearly the classic reference book for the pigeon fancy. Unfortunately the book is basically unchanged since the 50’s. The chapter on diseases and their treatment is severely dated and needs a complete rewrite to address modern treatments and drugs–but there is no author who can do the job. However, there is a corresponding advantage–the chapter on breeds and varieties could not be done as well these days. In the intervening years, with the changes in society and interests, the quality of many of the rarer breeds has declined markedly. Still, this is the book that everybody with an interest in the pigeon fancy must have!”