This website would not be complete without a dedication to the little brothers of the pigeons: the doves. Science does not distinguish greatly between doves and pigeons; they are one family: Columbidae. In all their diversity, the various members of the pigeon and dove family may be identified as Columbiformes.

Since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, pigeons and doves have been revered for their beauty and practical reliability. They tend to be exemplary parents, good neighbors to other birds, passionate, yet monogamous lovers, gentle in nature, pleasant to the eye, soothing to the ear, non-threatening to our agriculture. what’s not to like?

Ring-Necked Doves, and the tiny Diamond Doves from Australia, are popular in professionally managed aviaries, such as those offered by Living Designs. They are also becoming widely popular as pets.

In the wild, some doves are migratory. Some settle in as permanent residents. Some, such as the demure Mourning Dove, are known to do both. They grace our feeders and gardens along with other songbirds. At the start and end of a busy day, they reward us with the soothing balm of their gentle call.

Ringneck Doves

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