I Found An Injured Pigeon, What Should I Do?

Please see Resources pages for an overview of what to do.  Post questions and comments on Pigeon-Talk.  Any number of members will help you out.  Be advised that we always recommend that you consult with a veterinarian skilled in avian medicine.

I Found A Baby Pigeon, What Should I Do?

If at all possible, please return the youngster to its parents as soon as you can!  If this is not possible, you will learn what you can do by following these steps:  Please see Resources pages.  Post questions and comments on Pigeon-Talk

I Found A Lost Pigeon, What Should I Do?

Please see Resources pages for an overview of how to proceed.  Post questions and comments on the Pigeon-Talk forum. 

My Pigeon Is Sick, What’s Wrong?

There is no substitute for a veterinarian skilled in avian medicine.  You and your birds will greatly benefit from such a relationship.

Please see Resources pages. Post questions on the Pigeon-Talk forum. Additional reading and vet tips by Dr. Marx can be found at The American Racing Pigeon Union

How Do I Go About  Buying My Pigeons?

See The Pigeon for an overview of pigeon breeds, their nutritional needs, and care.  Post your questions or comments at  Pigeon-Talk. Members buy, sell and trade pigeons here.

Where Can I Learn About Show Pigeons?

Please see The Show/Fancy Pigeon and Bigbird’s Pics for a fine array of show pigeon breeds!  Post questions or comments at Pigeon-Talk

Where Can I Learn About Racing Pigeons? 

Post your questions at Pigeon-Talk and our racing enthusiasts will get back to you.

For immediate reading, we recommend the The American Racing Pigeon Union

Where Can I Learn About Keeping Pigeons? 

Please visit Pigeon-Talk pages for general information or (when registered) ask questions.

A good, inexpensive book for beginners is “Pigeons” by Matthew M. Friends, in the Barron’s Educational Series.

What About Those City Street Pigeons?

Much maligned and greatly misunderstood, their noble history is smothered by the current preoccupation with self-importance.  If you know nothing about them, prepare to take some time, as their history is closely intertwined with our own.  To simply say they’re birds is to do you both a great injustice.  It would be like explaining the stars as lights in the night sky, to a youth asking in earnest.  You would be saying nothing. Start with our Feral Pigeon and Pigeon Facts links.  Post your questions on Pigeon-Talk.