Lost & Found

Lost Pigeons:  You can report lost racing/fancy pigeons on Pigeon-Talk.

Found Pigeons: If you’ve found a lost pigeon wearing a band, understand that the bird is probably used to human contact.  Speak gently and move carefully.  Your little visitor is no doubt thirsty!  Provide water in a shallow dish and give the pigeon space to drink.  After a while, wild birdseed, canary seed or popcorn seed may be offered as well (see Caring For Your Visitor).

Bands: If the pigeon has a band on one or both legs, this is usually the key to identifying the owner.  You will need to be able to read the band to locate the owner.  If there is no band, please go to Pigeon-Talk for advice.

Reading The Band:  Write down all characters, exactly as they appear on any bands the pigeon may be wearing.  Post the information:

(1) at Pigeon-Talk and we will make every effort to locate the owner and advise you, or
(2) in the USA you can go to the AU web site at: www.pigeon.org or
(3) in the UK you can go to the Royal Pigeon Racing Association at www.rpra.org/stray-reporting

Caring For Your Visitor:  If you plan to keep the bird indoors with you, see Basic Care, and Emergency Care for ideas on interim care.  Post questions on Pigeon-Talk.  If you plan offer the pigeon help outdoors, see Basic Care and post any questions on Pigeon-Talk.

I Can’t Read The Band:  If the pigeon will not allow you to get close enough to read the band(s), and you’d like to provide some help, see Basic Care to offer the survival basics outdoors.  Take care not to inadvertently expose the hungry pigeon to attack by a cat, dog or hawk, while setting out food and water.  Post questions and concerns on Pigeon-Talk.