The Performance Pigeon

The Birmingham Roller Pigeon – Amazing Performer in the Sky

The Birmingham Roller is a breed of pigeon bred for its performing abilities in the air. During flight, and at the right moment, the bird will go into a series of rapid, backward somersaults. It is actually “rolling.” At the same time, the bird loses altitude. It will then put the brake on the roll, fly back up and do it again. They are not taught to do this. They are bred for their abilities to roll. If you have never seen these birds do it in the air, they are fun to watch as they fly.

The Roller Pigeon is a small, neat looking bird. They are smaller than “street pigeons” or racing homers and slightly larger than a dove. They come in many colors. The performance Roller breeder has no preference for breeding colors. He breeds these birds for performance only.

The breed of these pigeons have been originated in Birmingham England well over 100 years ago. They were developed from a pair of birds consisting of a Russian Crack Tumblers and an Oriental Roller. These birds have the ability to tumble during flight.

The Pigeon fancier continues to develop these pigeons through careful breeding program. The fancier then fly the young pigeons in his backyard and watches the birds as they fly. The young Roller pigeons develop the ability to roll, when they are four to eight months old. Some of these young rollers may not roll at all.

If the fancier sees a few birds that rolls during flight. He will note each bird that do roll in the air. When the pigeons have landed and are trapped in the loft, these individuals are taken from the flock and are placed in the “kit”, a flock consisting of 15 to 20 birds.

The fancier continues to fly his selected birds. He then watches the flock of selected pigeons and picks out the birds that performed the best in the air. These pigeons are placed in his breeding program to improve his family of birds. Of all the pigeon breeds in the World. The Birmingham Roller Pigeon is a popular breed. The pigeon fancier enjoys flying these birds in his backyard. And watches them perform during their flight.


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