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From the Founder of Pigeon Talk:

“Hello, and welcome to Pigeon-Talk at pigeons.biz – A place for pigeon lovers. Here, you will learn about one of natures most beautiful and loveable creatures, the wondrous pigeon, and others, like yourself, who have come to this hobby by way of their interest and love for this bird. There are many bird species in this world. Why do so many people come to prize and enjoy the pigeon? What is it about the pigeon that is so attractive. Do they talk (like parrots) in our language? No. Do they perform fancy tricks? No. Do they perform some sort of work to make our lives easier? No. Then what is it? It’s something that cannot be put into words exactly. It must be experienced. Living with pigeons in my life makes for a richer experience in my daily living. Our hope is that you will find this to be true in your life too.”

Carl Gulledge

The Pigeon-Talk (PT) board is a collection of discussion forums devoted to diverse aspects of pigeons. These include advice and encouragement for rescuers, discussion for pet pigeon and dove keepers, pigeon-related media reports, adopting and buying/selling pigeons, a whole section of forums for fanciers and a section on other bird-related interests. Guests may browse most sections of PT, but to participate/ask questions it’s necessary to register.