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Posted 12th July 2008, 08:20 AM
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Valencian Figurita

The Valencian Figurita is considered a rare breed pigeon.

Origin: This ancient breed originated in Valencia, Spain.

Overall Impression: A tiny, petite, jaunty, and lively frill necked
pigeon. Its forehead is angular, the top skull is flat, and the back skull
is also angular. Weight is 4 to 6 ounces.

Breed Characteristics/Standard:

Head(20 pts.): Small. The upper mandible of the beak and forehead create
an angular line to the top of the skull. Top skull should be flat, back
skull is angular.

Eyes(5 pts.): Red/orange in colored birds, bull eyes in self whites and
accepted in pied and splash colored birds. Eye ceres are fine and
corresponding with feather color.

Beak(5 pts): Medium length. Fine, smooth wattles.

Neck(10 pts): Medium length and arched.

Neck Frill(15 pts.): Well formed and vertical.

Body(15pts.): Rounded chest, short back,and body size as small as possible.

Wings(5 pts.): Medium length, resting on tail.

Tail(5 pts.): Medium length, narrow, and proportional.

Legs(5 pts.): Medium length, red in colorfor clean legged birds. A grouse
legged variety exists with feathered legs, but toes free of feathering.

Plumage(5 pts.): Tight, smooth, and clean.

Color(10 pts.): All colors permissable. Colors should be rich and clean
and bright. Bred in self colors, light and dark splashes, and saddle

Serious faults: Round head; large beak; coarse wattles; heavy body; neck
lacking arch; lack of frill.

Areas to be evaluated: Head shape, size of bird, neck and body, frill,
color and plumage.

My personal observations:

I have had figs for many years now. I live in Maine, and find the
Figuritas are winter hardy with proper housing and care. Figuritas, with
handling, are friendly and inquisitive.

I've been told that Figs are strong flyers, but I would never free fly my
Figs. Figs do not have a strong homing instinct, and are small enough that
they would be unsafe from all sized predators.

The standard for showing is 4 to 6 oz,. but Figs that small are far and
few between. There are many Figs larger than show standard size available
that make excellent pets.

There is a club for Figs, The National Italian Owl and Figurita Club

The secretary for this club is:

Ron Davis
7206 Raleigh Road
Keystone Heights, Fla. 32656
Phone: 352-473-6859
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