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Posted 19th April 2015, 04:42 PM
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Clinical Avian Medicine & Other Online Formularies

Clinical Avian Medicine & other Formularies
On Line

Clinical Avian Medicine

This is a comprehensive formulary which rates all entries according to reliability (A=Pharmacokinetic Research to G=Anecdotal) with the lettered abbreviation values at the foot of each page.

Additionally, at the very end of the file there are abbreviation definitions that are essential to explain many of the dosing regimens in the formulary.

From this address:

Chapter 9:

One may also download the two volumes in their entirety from the first link.

Exotic Pet

This formulary gives no dosing values per se, but explains the usage of a given medication and rates its efficacy in birds:

www. health.umn .edu

This is a cross species formulary and specifies dosages by species:

Vet Formulary .com

This formulary lists medications each by name in hyperlink which brings user to a species selection page:

After making the species selection, select Avian non-food producing link. Dosages will be listed at bottom of page broken down further into sub categories, voila pigeon.

Petalk .com

Another good all round formulary with good supplementary information:


*Pull grit when administering medicines in the Tetracycline family (Doxycycline, Teramycin, etc.) and in the Fluoroquinlone family as the calcium will bind with the antibiotic rendering its antimicrobial action useless.

*Baytril may be given to babies as studies done on puppies don't apply to avian species according to Medical Center for Birds and many other avian vets.

*Keep mixtures and compounded meds refrigerated as they degrade rapidly.

*Change water daily when dosing through water.
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