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Posted 16th August 2010, 05:04 AM
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I am so sorry Teresa. I was following this story and was so happy to see his progress. I can't believe his gone now.

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars
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Posted 18th August 2010, 02:15 PM
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I meant to ask the vet for a necropsy so we could learn something from this tragedy, perhaps even enough to avert the next, but I wasn't able to. Right after he passed I fell ill myself -- headaches, sore throat, gastroenteritis from hades -- and have just become reasonably functional. As so much time had elapsed, I had no choice but to put his tiny little body to rest today.

Thank you all for your help and your kind words. I guess that, however many times we are faced with being unable to save them all, we will still never be prepared when they are taken from us. We just learn to pick ourselves up faster to fight the next fight.
marthaluvsbirds marthaluvsbirds is offline
Posted 31st October 2010, 06:14 PM
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Hi Teresa,
Your post got to me. I was doing a random search to help my little baby canary that suffered from heat stroke during fledging time and I came across yours. Mine has been doing great, but he will only eat out of a teaspoon. I have raised chicks on my formula before no problems, but this guy I had to tweak it a bit to make him feed.
Its all so unfortuate, but I have failed, when effort has been put in.
Hang on the alarm went off (chick calling) time to feed him. Husband calls hears the bird feeding and then all of the suddent I scream. . .
The chick is on my finger and dropped off dead. Quick as an eye blink.
Honestly honey this message was live from me to you. It happens all the time and it really hurts, everytime.
What I keep saying to myself is ok - I still have 16 chicks with parents in breeder cages and my aviary. My problem is how to explain it to the kids. They think mum can bring anything back from the dead and I can't, I just try my best. I can't bring back the dead, but I was hoping they could hold a funeral. I also lost two 5 day olds because of the up and down of the temps here in Sydney Australia. We have 3 days of heat and then it drops to late autumn again. My husband says thats what is messing it all up.
I read all the posts and would like to comment on the friend of yours that can't keep her birds right.
Breed - with lots of effort.
Other wise keep male and female apart and collect the eggs.
Pets are animals and want to repreduce. If you can't afford to give them the right care. Don't have them. Or buy a pet rock.
I have been trying to breed my canaries and start something up the last few years. I would maybe like to show or maybe sell. I respect my animals and treat them as they and "they do have the same feelings and needs of us" (just in different ways).
Grrr to non animal lovers.
Much respect for your baby passing - I have three this afternoon in little boxes ready for funerals.
Lots of love and comradship,


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