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Posted 2nd October 2010, 02:21 PM
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It's nice that she and her mate can talk to each other from the window. I'm sure that helps both of them. Hope things continue to go well with her.

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Posted 2nd October 2010, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Bella View Post
Well, it is day 5 after her injury, and she is steadily improving each day.

We have at this point held off on trying the honey. The more we read into it, the more it seemed like that not all honey is created equal. Since our honey is local, and not processed were not sure if it would be the best thing use at this point, when the ointment seems to be yielding good results. But it's here and if we run into trouble after discontinuing penicillin - it will be the next step, as at that point we will not have much to lose.
RAW Honey is the best. Not processed.
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Posted 2nd October 2010, 05:34 PM
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Hi Bella,

She is looking good!

One thing about 'Table Scraps' - if a person takes a bite off of some food, and does not finish...the edge of the food the person's Teeth were against, when they took the bite...the person's Teeth and Gums and Saliva will deposit a whole bunch of different Bacteria onto that edge of the food piece, any of which can be fatal to a Bird who then eats that food...and or which could certainly cause problems in the GI, or systemically, or both.

I would be very careful not to feed her any Table Scraps which have been in contact with a human mouth or human teeth or with silverware which was being used.


turkey injury

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