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Posted 3rd April 2015, 02:00 PM
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aggresive male

I just don't know what to do with this guy.
Here's the story: About two weeks ago his mate got sick and we separated her. She had prolapsed so she went through two surgeries and was kept in the house for a week and a half, she appeared to be doing better but suddenly passed away.
Even though they had been separated the entire time, it is as if her mate knew she had passed because his behavior changed drastically. He had been fine with every one the whole time she was in the house but now he is fighting with every one, even the females! There has not been any real damage done, but it has been going on three days now and the aggression only seems to be growing.
Yesterday I moved some things around hoping it was just a territorial issue that would pass. After all, the one that had passed had been around the longest(5 yr) and had mothered 3 of the 8 that I keep. They are in a 13 by 15 foot kennel. Only two of them are bonded and stick pretty much together. The rest all usually hang out together in a big happy flock until just recently the oldest male (and he is a BIG boy) has been dive bombing and picking fights.
is this a case of heart break that will pass? does he need a new mate? Maybe there is some other underlying issue some one can bring to my attention. Thanx.
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Posted 3rd April 2015, 04:20 PM
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I know it sounds odd, but the behavior is normal for many birds that lose their mate. It's sad isn't it? He is upset and striking out at everyone. He should settle down after a while, but finding him a new mate would be helpful. Wait a couple of weeks or so. I would separate him from the others for now. Close off his nest box so no one else tries to take it over. I would bring him inside, away from the other birds for a couple of weeks. Then try introducing him to a new female. Go slowly, by putting their cages next to each other for a while. If they both show signs of wanting to get together, then let them out together and see what happens. Don't just put one in the others cage, as that often doesn't go well. Once he is bonded to another female, put them back in the loft in his old box.

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Posted 3rd April 2015, 09:25 PM
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I have had the odd couple where a mate died and have not had this issue. I have separated and returned mated pairs and have not had problems and separated them again. None of this has ever caused fighting. I have one cockbird that will try to dominate the flock and now and then I remove him from the flock and another will step up to be the dominant bird. So not sure whats going on with yours.
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Posted 4th April 2015, 02:04 PM
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Birds are just amazing. Each of my pigeons have a unique personality that can easily be identified with a little observation. I tend to think this is a case of the heart break as jay3 has suggested. I've started with just closing off the nest box for now. Guy was born and has always lived in an out door shelter, every time time he has come into the house to visit he appears very uncomfortable and simply freezes. In his case the house would be more stress than relief unfortunately. If the box closing doesn't calm him with in the next couple days I will utilize the separation advise by closing the cage with in the kennel. there are two cages that have doors, but its basically a free for all (open doors unless I'm going away from home overnight), they just go in the cages to eat, rest/sleep in at night.
CBL, I've heard of mixing mates, that's why the behavior threw me so much. In fact one of my hens had lost her hubby a few years ago. She wound up bonding with her daughter (odd enough). They claimed a box and sat together on unfertilized eggs, several months until I got them each a male. They bonded to their new mates with out a problem, the girls still visit sometimes, but the odd romance is over.
Guy seems to be more sensitive than them I guess? maybe it has something to do with the breed. The person I got Guy from said he is a roller, the other ones are half tumbler/rock? pigeon. IDK but I want them to all be in peace and harmony again.
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aggresive behavior

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