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Posted 7th September 2019, 04:15 PM
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Pigeons not quite making it home

Hi all - first post.

I got a pair of young birds a few months back. As advised I kept them in the loft for 8 weeks. I let them out and they disappeared. 2 days later someone reported them roosting on a house about two blocks from me - in a direct line from my house

After a few days I managed to catch them in a trap and have put them back in the loft. They were out for 10 days total.

They aren't homing pigeons as such but appear to be a cross between white fantails and rock pigeons or homers.

My question is Should I try letting them out again? How long should I keep them in?

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Posted 8th September 2019, 02:25 AM
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Non homers can tend to get lost. But these types like what you described as garden fantails are kept in cotes and such. But what is done is they are kept in a net over the Cote, or in a loft longer and more birds than just two . Pairs that have been kept in a loft or Cote secured usually start to build nests and then the hen lays eggs. Fake eggs are used for hatch control. But what this does is keeps them near and in the loft . Plus the source of regular food. In the Cote situation the net is taken off the Cote after they mature and nest. In a loft situation they have, or should have a pop hole door they can come in go from and be trained how to use it by using a feed call and training them to come to it. In turn they know when they are being fed and know how to get back in.

Pigeon mature at about 6months to one year of age.

Having more than just two birds makes a flock which tend to stick together esp if they have a nesting sight, which is the loft or the Cote. And regular feedings.

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Posted 8th September 2019, 12:59 PM
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Country: New Zealand
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Pigeons not quite making it home

Thanks so much for that help. I really want to train them to come and go and I do have a cote but it is a small one. I think getting a net for that would be the best. And I'll try and get another pair but may have to wait a little - here in New Zealand Spring has just started

They were around 6 months when I got them and I was advised they had been trying to build a nest. They laid an egg the first day I had them but showed no interest in it - I put this down to the stress of relocation.

They fly absolutely beautifully so not too much of the fantail in them (blurry photo in my profile picture). I just want them to come home at night. They do respond to the sound of the food tin.

Anyway thanks again for your wise words
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