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Posted 23rd July 2014, 05:51 PM
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will male leave hen for another female

I have a 4X4 kitbox type loft with 7 pigeons. My pair that produced a pair of young birds (now the young birds are mature 8 month olds) appear to have separated. In the last few weeks I have seen the male courting one of the young female offspring, mating with her, etc. Long story short that young female laid eggs and cock is sitting on them with her. The original hen also laid eggs and he doesnt really appear to have anything to do with her now!! In essence my question is this--is it normal behavior for a male bird which has already mated, paired up, produced young, to leave that hen for one of his female offspring and pair up with the young bird? I thought pigeons would pair for life--I know males will mate with numerous females if given the opportunity but I have read they will not sit and incubate on those "other hens" eggs. Thanks for any advice. I have replaced both nests with dummy eggs by the way. In summary I have an original male and female--that pair produced a pair of females--I know this with certainty as both young ones have now laid eggs. The other three are german owls--two of which are 100% certain males that have paired up and mate--I am 100% certain they are males. The last german owl is young--I think maybe a young female that is not sexually mature yet. I know this sounds like a circus--all birds are happy, my loft clean, etc. Any thoughts, comments, advice appreciated!
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earlofwood earlofwood is offline
Posted 30th July 2014, 07:58 AM
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I had this same thing happen. Only my young female was a new bird I acquired. A pair was sitting on a next but the new hen simply took over the nest and kicked the other hen out. She laid two eggs of her own and sat on all four eggs. I believe that pigeons in the wild will normally mate for life but they have a little more freedom and room. I am no expert but I suspect this kind of behavior has something to do with penning them up in close quarters and having to deal with territorial disputes etc. all the time. Just my humble opinion.
Regards, [email protected]
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Yusufari Yusufari is offline
Posted 30th December 2014, 02:05 PM
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Yes it happen but not often
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Posted 30th December 2014, 05:18 PM
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Yes it will happen sometimes. I had 2 seperate males with 2 hens each, only they all took turns sitting and raising the babies
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