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Posted 15th March 2008, 03:15 PM
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Truely, I agree with you all that this is confusing and tragic situation.
Cindy, Kippy and Shi are on site now.

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Posted 15th March 2008, 07:32 PM
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I posted a reply here last night but apparently it hasn't shown up? Just was saying that you are all doing such a great job and thank you so much for going to all the trouble, time, and effort to do this heart-breaking work. A mixed blessing in that it is so hard to do, but at least you are able to save so many.
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Posted 15th March 2008, 10:12 PM
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In summary:
A little old lady across the street owned a home and a loft and collected fancy pigeons. 50-100 of them. Mary enjoyed feeding the feral birds around her house for years, and had bird feeders in her yard and in the park. Lady dies, son lets out her flock and tries to sell the house but can't. Too many pigeons on the roof. Son spreads poison both physically and spiritually.
ALL the show birds DIE, but some have bred and have descendants in the area.
Death toll: 200-300. Flock size: Still considerable. Jerk gets ENTIRE neighborhood to complain to the city about the pigeons, Mary is served with a notices that ALL must go within 2 weeks. She knows this is impossible and comes to us for help.

We go check it out. Birds EVERYWHERE. She has boxes, crates, planters, benches, cat beds, and piles of wood full of nesting birds. Birds with eggs. Birds with babies. Birds under bushes, birds on the roof. Some that can't fly, some that are fat, some young, some fancy. Most just plain old starving blue and red bars looking for a free meal.

We lay a plan of action. (As described previously.) We educate Mary on how to discourage the flock from remaining in her yard. We begin trapping the fancy birds and they orphaned young. The reason behind all this is that perhaps without the fancy birds, young, and injured, the flock will begin to disperse.

The result so far: Fewer birds in the flock. Less time spent at Mary's house, more time spent out of danger. 8 birds relocated with Pigeon talk members, 30 birds relocated in an aviary in another town with Mary's brother. 30 squeakers relocated to a rehab facility, for raising and soft release later, one mildly poisoned adult placed for treatment at same facility.

Jerk spreads more poison. More deaths result, this time 30. (Yay, progress)
Pigeon talk members go out again, this time with more carriers, to pick up more fancy birds and some non-flyers.
This brings us up to date so far.
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Posted 15th March 2008, 10:31 PM
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Ok, dear members. We have too many people trying to update and keep this thread current. While I very much appreciate all the efforts made by our Arizona members to help with this situation, I am going to close this thread, and I want only Cindy (AZWhitefeather) to post any updates here. Cindy will be able to do that because she is a moderator. This is nothing against Kippy, Mr. Squeaks, Philodice or anyone else who has been helping .. it's simply because things are getting too confused, misinformation is running rampant, and there are apparently still a significant number of birds that need help. Please try to understand and please cooperate with this request. When Cindy is able to post an update, I am sure she will.


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Posted 15th March 2008, 11:35 PM
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Today's update

We came home with 19 pigeons.
2 extremely ill
5 ill appearing
2 confirmed canker cases
Kim will treat these birds.

1 Red with injured wing
1 checker who has no use of his right leg (appears to be an old injury that healed terribly).
Shi is going to hold these two until Kim or I can find room for them.

8 that appear healthy.
I will house these.
Philodice, if you are able to take them & place them in your new aviary, that would be great. If not, I'll acclimate them & release them to my backyard flock.

Mary transported a large number of pigeons (I'm guessing at least 90-100) to another location & released them. She told Kim, Shi & I she has known of this area.
She said the pigeons joined right in eating with the established flock already there.
Mary also said that a fellow is willing to take a fair number of pigeons (about 50, if I'm not mistaken) & house them in a 50 ft aviary he has. This is supposed to take place tomorrow.

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Posted 17th March 2008, 11:50 AM
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I received the following email from Mary this morning & wanted to pass it along to the group.

"LESS pigeons about 30 on roof" .

I would like to thank EVERYONE, within AZ, & beyond, who was part of the Glendale Pigeon Rescue Mission.

Updates will be posted as I receive them.

A Pigeon's Dream


As we fly,
Let us be safe from the predators that share the sky.

If we become ill or injured in any way,
Let us find safety where we are welcome to stay.

Cynthia Boyce
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