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PigeonAmature PigeonAmature is offline
Posted 28th January 2020, 01:35 PM
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Time right now is 10:13 PM I live in Israel. My mother found a baby pigeon inside a staircase of an apartment next to another dead baby pigeon. She looked around for a nest with no luck and brought it home.
It is not the first time I'm handeling a baby pigeon (previously I succesfully released a fully grown pigeon).

The pigeon is a little over a month old, maybe 4/5 baby yellow stringy feathers on his head. At first he was alert and kind of frisky, even tried to peck me. I brought him to my table and meanwhile prepared some boiled egg with cornflakes cereal (no added sugar) all mashed together with warm water (I used to feed my previous pigeons this way and everything seemed fine).

I come back and he is all fluffed up with his feathers, and trying to sleep. I feed him using a sandwich bag cut in the corner and try to put his beak inside but he just closes his and eyes. Tried opening the beak, got close to nothing into it's mouth. Afterwards I dissolved some sugar into warmish water and put it inside a little tiny cup and put it's beak inside, same thing happened, just a tiny bit go into his mouth and it just shakes it's head and tries to sleep. It pooped/urinated a white almost yellow liquidy poop/urine? I am not an expert on pigeon feces.

I decided to put it inside a big box, I layered the bottom with old t shirts and turned on AC to make the room warmer.

Thank you for your time for reading this. Would like to receive some tips and some help.

*Please remember that I live in Israel, the vets here in Israel usually take care only for cats and dogs. In my city there are no bird vets, I have checked. Same goes with pigeon formulas and so on, it is not available in Israel, atleast in the city I am currently located.

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Marina B Marina B is offline
Posted 28th January 2020, 09:12 PM
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I hope he is still alive. First, warm him up. Use a warm waterbottle covered with a soft blanket and put him on top. Sounds like he is either starving or sick. Rehidrate him. Put a pinch of sugar and also a pinch of salt in water and try to get him to drink. Dip his beak inside the water (not over the nostrils). At that age they can be fed defrosted peas. Get a bag of frozen peas, defrost in lukewarm water and forcefed to him.

Put him on your lap (facing to the right if you are righthanded). Reach with your lefthand over his body and head and open the beak with those fingers. Have a pea ready in your righthand and put deep inside the beak over the tongue. Give him time to swallow and do the next one. If he spits it out, you need to put it deeper in the beak.

Feed him 20 for a start and wait for the peas to digest. The ideal will be 30 peas 3 times daily, total of 90.
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