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Posted 26th April 2015, 07:12 PM
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Overrun by birds

Originally Posted by gaga6599 View Post
I am new here and I am fond of pigeons. The main problem for me is how to control their tendency to reproduce fast. And how to do it in the most human way.
I am also new on Pigeon-Talk!I rescued a white pigeon at 9,000 feet in the High Sierras last year 2014. He found me as I was there getting over a bad death of my last pet. Had said, "No more pets!" I was laying on the ground and this white Rock Dove aka Homing Pigeon lands next to me. I say hi, he stays, I feed him. I saw he had hooks and a lot of fishing line all over him. I worked on him for an hour, me and the wife,removing treble hooks and line. He just let me work on him, with this gentle face. He then would hang with me until 5 PM and left to sleep in a large pine. Back in the morning. The hawks and kids were trying to kill him and some old lady of the forest (bird woman) and a camp manager asked me to take him with me when I left the Bishop area for the Pacific Coast, San Diego. So I prayed and said I would if he shows up on my last day. He did so we took him to Oceanside, California. He would fly in place over my kitchen table for exercise. Really strange, not your normal Pigeon. After few days of that I built him a 8'x4'x8 coop. Bought him a girl friend. She disappeared for 10 weeks, but showed up one day minus her metal band. Hmm! He went crazy happy at her return. He was in the dump the whole time she was gone. They bonded, married, and I think they are half mink as 2 became 10. One may have been taken by a hawk so now we have 9. I really did not want pets but now I have them plus a multitude of wild ring neck and mourning doves and every manner of large and small birds, two squirrels and of course rat buddies. My wife is not happy! She said the rats must go. So 36+ rat murders later they refuse to go near my traps. Now I say, as long as they do not kill a bird they can stay. First bird to die the rifle comes out. Now my wife wants the Pigeons gone. I told her at 10 we will start selling pigeons. I put in fake eggs and Blanca the pure white female laid eggs next to the fakes. If I can't sell them, I will pull the eggs and eat them with chicken eggs. You can sell, give the weaned squeakers away, pull the eggs as soon as laid. Eat them, feed them to the dogs, etc. But destroy them so they do not hatch and starve to death. Anyway, I do not want a monster flock, or rather it is me or them according to wife. Or I toss the wife out front and keep the pigeons out back. If I could train the Pigeons to cook and aaa but no I best keep the wife and send them packing. if it comes to that. I was planning on a long road trip but these birds have other plans for me. What to do, what to do?
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Posted 26th April 2015, 10:03 PM
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Well, when they have eggs, you exchange them for the fakes. But eventually they will breed and have more eggs, so you have to stay on top of it. Once they get out of hand, it's harder. Yes, 2 can become many in a short time. Only problem with pigeons. LOL. And BTW, given the chance, the rats will kill the birds.

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