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scruffy scruffy is offline
Posted 27th December 2018, 04:39 PM
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Male Pigeon with 2 Mates??

Hi, sorry about posting yet another thread, but I'm incredibly confused right now.

I have 3 pigeons, 1 male and 2 female (one of them I thought was another boy - until now)
The male pigeon (Pigwidgeon) is paired with (Hedwig) and they are sitting on fertile eggs right now and are expected to hatch early January.
Then today I watched as Pigwidgeon performed a courting dance with the other female pigeon and they proceeded to mate! I am extremely shocked and confused because I thought pigeons were monogamous! Is this not true if you have a male and 2 females in the same coop?
Another thing I was thinking was because the 2 females are siblings and they look almost exactly the same - could it be possible for Pigwidgeon to get confused by this? I doubt it... I think pigeons are able to tell each other apart, even if they are identical.

Please tell me your thoughts!
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Posted 27th December 2018, 10:07 PM
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I told you it was a bad idea to keep the 2 males as they will cause trouble. 2 females and one male will cause troubles also. You need to find a mate for your third bird. They usually mate up and stay together, but they also sometimes will mate with another bird. Many males will mate with anything that will let them. That doesn't mean that they will leave their mate, but sometimes they will leave their mate for another. He also doesn't have 2 mates. He is mated to the one he has been with. If the other bird were to lay eggs and hatch babies, then she could likely be on her own with no help from him. I wouldn't let her hatch any eggs, if it is a she. And get her a mate. You cannot be sure at this point, it could be either a male or female. You can't be sure unless it lays an egg.

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scruffy scruffy is offline
Posted 27th December 2018, 10:21 PM
Join Date: May 2018
Posts: 56
Thank you, I’m already working on getting her a mate. 🙂 Thank you for your advice.
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