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Sylvie Sylvie is offline
Posted 9th May 2019, 04:39 PM
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New dove owner, any advice for me?

Hi there!
I'm a 16-year-old new dove owner.
I've had parrots before, but there were plenty of guides on how to care for them online. For doves, however, it's been a bit tougher for me to find some good websites, as they're usually really old domains that have been taken down already. I've read the guides on Pigeon-Talk, but would like some more advice.

A few questions:

1. How much money (CAD) should I have in reserve for vet visits?

2. My dove has been making some whistling noises, not sure what they mean?

3. How do I determine my dove's gender? (Other than a DNA test, we don't have many good bird vets nearby where I live) The breeder claimed Sylvie is a female, but some other people have told me that it appears to be a male, due to something about its pelvis.

4. Sylvie has been doing this weird thing where she/he kinda melts onto the table and falls asleep, sometimes it does this with one wing in the air, or is leaning more onto one side than the other, with the wing kinda looking a it smooshed into the table. Is this normal?

Any more advice, tips, pointers and resources would be greatly appreciated!

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Ladygrey Ladygrey is offline
Posted 10th May 2019, 10:10 AM
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Iím not sure how to answer all , but #4, doves and pigeons will sit this way when they want the sun to hit their wings... if she is doing it in sunlight through a window then she is probably trying to get as much exposure as she can. They mostly do this also after a bath when , they preen and then stretch out to get some rays and dry off.
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Marina B Marina B is offline
Posted 12th May 2019, 08:48 AM
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Young doves make whisling sounds when they are calling to their parents for food. Older doves make the sound when they sense danger.

You can also check out this website: You might find some usefull tips there.
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Kinniki Kinniki is offline
Posted 18th June 2019, 07:27 PM
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Heya! Welcome to the Dove community! They're so sweet and so worth it all. I may be able to help? I've owned my Ringnecks for about 3-4 years now.

1. Depends on which vet you're going to, and what you're in for. I'd keep a few hundred at least, but different situations differ in price.

2. Is it sort of a 'Hoo' kind of noise? My doves do it when they see something new or something that seems scary (like the broom! Haha!) Babies, as mentioned before, also make a similar noise when begging for food.

3. Usually with doves you have to wait until they're around 6 months to a year to determine gender. It's more in the behavior of them than anything physical (outside, at least). Males are usually louder and more talkative, and often can be found bow-cooing / displaying to other doves or objects. I wouldn't go off of if they mate or not, as same - sex pairs have been known to exhibit this behavior as well. However, egg laying can indicate how many females you have, usually with a pair. 4 eggs= 2 females, 2= 2 females etc. Females can also be loud, but usually will only call now and then, and it's usually quieter and soft - spoken. OH! And females tend to have a bit of a flatter head in general.

4. Haha! That's known as sunbathing! Means you've got yourself a content bird. It usually happens after a bath, or just when they've found a nice ray of light. It's used to absorb nutrients needed from the light, such as vitamin D, and is also used to re-position and keep feathers from getting ruffled. And yes, they do look like they're melting! My Zoe tends to do this a lot on her favorite perch under their light, and usually squishes one of her wings. Other times she squishes both and takes a nap. Just means they're happy!

Hope this helps!! Feel free to hmu if you need anything else.

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