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Posted 18th February 2019, 09:59 AM
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Hi pipi

Just a few points to add :

Definitely get a cage for them even if u keep in your room,it gives them a sense of security and home.

If you have option, then better to get a bit older than 'pin feather' stage. it would save you the worry of hand feeding them etc. If you can get them at the stage where that are just stating to eat on their own then they can still bond to you in my opinion/experiance.

Best not to put them in with your parrots!

You don't need a big flight cage, but atleast a decent sized (search Forum for info) cage in your room which they identify as their home. Later on, after weeks I would suggest, you can try to free fly them in your room. Be prepared for pigeon poop all over if you plan to free fly in room.

Definitely 2 is better than 1 pigeon.

Also agree on Calcium, D3, vitamin supplements if you plan on keeping it indoors all the time.

Good posts on the Forum regarding their feed, be ready to read up and do your research so that you can best take care of your pigeons.

Good Luck
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scruffy scruffy is offline
Posted 18th February 2019, 01:30 PM
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I understand your desire to have a pet pigeon that you’re closely bonded to, but if your pigeons are going to be kept indoors, then I would strongly recommend adopting a pigeon that requires to be kept indoors due to previous injury or such. When I see my pigeons flying around together, they are clearly loving it and having fun, and I can’t imagine ever keeping them locked up inside. Pigeons aren’t the best companion animals, they’re best being kept outside and allowed to fly free. I wouldn’t recommend adopting a pigeon that could have a life of freedom in front of it, as it seems quite cruel to withhold its freedom by keeping it indoors... it’s almost like a prison.
This isn’t any judgement towards you at all, it’s just my honest opinion on how pigeons should be kept. 🙂 I personally would love to have an indoors pigeon that I am closely bonded with, but I know that I just can’t do that. It would feel cruel and artificial to me.
But, that’s just my opinion. I think it’s important to always think about what the best for the animal is, rather than what is convenient to me, if that makes sense.
Anyway, good luck, and welcome to the world of pigeons. 🙂
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TucknZoe TucknZoe is offline
Posted 18th February 2019, 05:22 PM
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Heya! I would totally recommend a Pigeon if you really believe you want one! I've personally got a mated pair of Doves, and I love them to death! They're much simpler in terms of care compared to any sort of Parrot, in my experience.
Anyways, I'd recommend getting a younger Piegon pair definitely. You can get a single Pigeon, but I've found that having two can help them feel more confident around you and other things. One Pigeon is more prone to boredom and thus, feather plucking. I've had my Doves since they were young, and they both have a deep bond with each other, but have also created a bond with me, and will avidly preen and follow me around, or nap on my shoulder, depending on what I am doing.

As far as cage and such, I just bought a 48 inch dog crate, and I've found it works great for much cheaper! They've plenty of room to fly and such when I'm gone. I only recommend using dog crates as Pigeon/Dove cages in reference to birds though. I haven't known pigeons or doves to really try to escape. They may poke their head out now and then, but my babies typically prefer to keep their head inside the cage rather than between the bars. My doves personally enjoy toys. I make my own for them, but they've got a few store bought small toys that they love as well. I keep them in there for entertainment, but pieces of paper and little bits of hay are interesting to them as well.

Pigeons should have a diet consisting of mainly pellets and seeds, but mine love the opportunity to eat fruits and veggies now and then. I buy Harrison super fine pellets and mix with Hagen's Pigeon and Dove mix for their usual feeding, and they love it! They eat every bit of it(besides the corn pieces.), And will now accept pellets as treats. I find it easier to buy seed in a 25 pound bag, if possible. It lasts ages and is cheaper than buying every few months. Obviously , if using this method you've gotta keep it in an airtight container and such, but that's not too hard.

Sorry this is so long! Pigeons should have about 3-5 perches. I use 2 natural perches (cleaned and taken from outside works wonderfully.) 1 rope perch, and 2 flat perches, and still have room to fly.

Regarding messes: They're usually small and easy to clean! They sit on their nests for long periods of time, and that's when it's usually largest.

Anyways, Pigeons are Hardy and fun little companions, and quite easy to take care of. Diseases are best prevented. Cleaning the cage and stuff inside the cage should be a regular thing. I change water every other day, and clean their cage about every day. They can be messy, but they're so rewarding!

If you give them time, they will bond with you, and eagerly waiting to come out when you get home, or happily coo on your head.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!! Best of luck! 😄
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Colombina Colombina is online now
Posted 19th February 2019, 12:32 PM
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Country: Italy
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Hi pipi!

If you are thinking about keeping the pigeons free in your room, you could buy a storage shelf. In my experience, it's a good way to give them a place where nesting, sleeping at night, eating, etc...In short, a good pigeon home!

I bought a cheap one (I paid it about 10 euro. Here is a link:

it's in French language but you can see the photos). My pigeons love this solution.

You can easily organize it: I cover all the 4-shelves with paper (I collect free paper around the city) and replace it twice a day.
I put on one of the shelves a plastic fruit crate like the one in the pic: you just have to put paper inside it. It's easy to wash (for example, you can wash it in the bath tube) and to keep clean, you can also periodically replace it with a new one. It's a good nest!
Lastly, you just have to put on your storage shelf water and food bowls (or, for food, plastic flower pot saucers).

As I wanted to protect the wall behind the shelf I put a remnant of wall paper on the back of the shelf (see the pic, btw she is Aurora).
To protect the floor from poops I put paper on the ground.

Of course, if you want to keep your birds free in a room, you need time, patience and a bit of "spirit of sacrifice" 😄.

If you need any advice about how to organize your room, feel free to ask!

Oh, I want to add.. If you have time and patience you could also handmade a small "home", if you are interested I can explain you how to make one!

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