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AndreiS AndreiS is offline
Posted 22nd August 2015, 11:23 AM
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Baby sparrow

I picked from my window a baby sparrow. On the building's wall grows a big climbing plant and there are a lot of sparrow nests and babies. This one was staying in the tray with food for pigeons and sparows. He didn't seem weak initially, was flying normally and fast.

I tried to feed him grains but didn't want. Then I tried to crop feed with pea past using a thin tube and I may have put too much in him. I think he aspirated some. Nevertheless, he seem thin and dehydrated (kind of red skin) but I have no experience with sparrows at all, I don't know how is a normal weight one.

He pooped some pretty big poops that had a yellow color so I thought he may have canker so I gave him some metro. Also, at a closer examination, he appeared to have the nostrils stuck with some viscous stuff, yellow at one nostril, dark (blood?) at the other. In photo is not seen this because I shot it after cleaning a little the nostrills. I thought it may been caused by mites so I gave a drop of invermectin on neck. There is an air sack mite epidemy among my pigeons btw, with three in last days so I thought maybe the sparrow as well has mites.

My questions are:

- what and how to feed and hydrate?
- what can be that viscuous stuff blocking the nostrils?
- why is so sleepy? As you see in photos, he keeps the eyes close.

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Posted 22nd August 2015, 12:48 PM
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Would wait until his crop is empty to feed more. Other than that not sure why he seems so sleepy as I don't know much about baby birds. Hope he does well.
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AndreiS AndreiS is offline
Posted 22nd August 2015, 01:14 PM
Join Date: Jul 2013
Country: Romania
Posts: 1,494
He died. He was so small I could not feel his crop.

I guess he suffered of young bird disease and maybe giving him a shot with Lincospectin would saved him.

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not eating, stuck nostrills

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