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Nestleaver1 Nestleaver1 is offline
Posted 18th August 2018, 03:26 AM
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Canker in chicken

Hi All! I'm hoping someone here can offer canker expertise.

My Black Rock chicken (Marilyn) has been shaking her head and making strange gurgles in her throat for months now. The problem has come and gone several times as I have tried various things. I treated for canker (first copper sulphate and then metronidazole in the water) and when it seemed to return even worse I decided she must have something physically stuck so took her to the vet 6th July. Vet said she could see canker and recommended more met for longer (50mg a day for 3 weeks). It has been a struggle to get her to take it on her food and there has been no improvement. I decided to try Ronidazole instead. So she has been on that (100mg/day served on cucumber/sweetcorn/cooked egg white) for a week now. Her gurgle seems worse and head shaking is becoming more frequent and violent. So my question is: does this mean she is getting worse or that the canker is dying and becoming loose so she can actually dislodge it? Or does this sound like it's not canker at all!? Advice greatly appreciated. BTW, she looks perfectly healthy and is still laying and is VERY difficult to catch/examine - I have not been able to look down her throat!

Thank you
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Posted 18th August 2018, 09:20 AM
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There is a forum for chickens called (I think) You might get more help from them. Antibiotics in the water is not very affective, it must be given straight down the throat. 50 mg of Metro is what we give to an adult pigeon with canker, for a chicken that will be more. You will have to check down his throat for yellowish growths.
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Posted 19th August 2018, 10:50 AM
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You need to put the pill directly down her throat. Put a towel around her wings to keeper from flapping or have someone hold her for you. Put the pill down her throat on her right side. Certainly she will protest and be difficult but putting the medicine in food or water will to work.

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Posted 19th August 2018, 02:11 PM
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Hi: thanks for help. I have pills coming in the post so will endeavour to give them directly; it's just hard when she's so feisty and I'm doing it on my own. I'll try it in the dark!

I have posted on Backyard Chickens but responses can be a bit hit and miss as it's such a huge audience. You get a lot of people saying apple cider vinegar cures everything!

I caught her earlier today and got a brief glimpse down her throat. Couldn't see any growths but the vet said she could see it so have to trust her diagnosis I guess.

Thanks again: any further advice gratefully received.
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