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Posted 6th January 2019, 08:53 AM
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Diamond Dove Breeding

I have read up a lot on raising diamond doves in the past few months and contacted my avian vet with this question but have not found a good explanation why this is happening.
I have two pairs of diamond doves in separate cages. One pair has had three sets of eggs so far. The first pair hatched on Thanksgiving and the day after and are doing great. They had a second pair of eggs and one hatched on December 23rd. The other egg had something wrong and never hatched. She has now laid two more eggs the past two days and both Mom and Dad are taking turns sitting on the eggs. They are perfect parents. Once this set of eggs are hatched I will begin using dummy eggs.
The second pair of doves have laid three sets of eggs so far and just laid the fourth set. But each time, one egg has hatched and they toss the baby out of the nest. I read that something can be wrong and the baby can not hold it's head up to be fed. The second time this happened, I placed the baby back in the nest and saw the male toss it back out again. The third time they produced a chick and tossed it again, I warmed him up and placed him in the nest with my other pair - they tried taking care of it but it died shortly after placing it in their nest. I removed the male while the female sat on the 2nd egg but she would no longer sit on the egg without the male around. I tried placing that egg in the other cage and the female sat on it but it never hatched. So now they have laid another egg yesterday and began sitting on it. My vet has no idea why they are doing this and everything I read said they are excellent parents - my other pair are. Does the male just want to be with the female and the babies are an intrusion to his relationship with her? They are a very loving pair to eachother. Any suggestions or just place dummy eggs with them from now on?
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