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Howard Nye Howard Nye is offline
Posted 29th June 2014, 12:34 AM
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Found (Baby?) Crow, Please Help!


I was on a walk and found a crow perched on a window sill. As I approached the crow did not run away or even withdraw from my hand when I extended it and almost touched her [I'm going to speak as if I know the crow is a girl, even though of course I don't]. She let me put my shirt over her and pick her up. She cawed a little when I first lifted her but then she went pretty limp. When I got her home she was so limp that when I put her on the ground she just lay on her side. I was worried that she was crashing.

I talked to the people at my emergency vet and they told me I could try to offer her some water. I gave her a syringe with some water which she intently drank. That perked her up a lot. I then gave her some wet catfood mixed with water (it is Hills Anorexia Diet or A/D - the standard emergency food for cats and dogs which I have been told can be offered to magpies and so I figured would be OK for crows). That perked her up more. She still can still only hop around a bit and perch on stuff; she seems unable to fly. She does not show any interest in eating or drinking without my offering it to her in a syringe.

The crow seems pretty good sized; she's fully feathered, and she has bluish eyes. A quick perusal of a youtube video suggests that these are signs that she is an older juvenile who is still dependent on others to feed her and does not yet know how to fly. She is currently in a small dog kennel, covered in a sheet, with a bowl of food and water.

Can anyone please let me know what I can do to help this crow? My vet and the wildlife rehabbers will probably not be open until Tuesday, because I live in Canada and Monday July 1 is a holiday. Does she just need to be given food and water from a syringe at regular intervals as if I was her parents? If so how often does she need to be fed - and roughly how much (e.g. should I got until she refuses to swallow any more? I don't want to put her in danger of aspirating...). Are water and anorexia diet cat / dog food good for her, or should she have something else?

Thank you so much,
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Posted 29th June 2014, 08:02 AM
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Thank you for helping.

Have you tried to contact your local licensed wildlife center?

Have you googled " rescuing/rehabbing AKA caring for a young crow?"

This might help:

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