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Posted 5th July 2012, 09:57 AM
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Hatchling Sparrow


I've been raising hatchling/nestling sparrows and pigeons this summer and am looking for some advice about 1 -2 day old sparrows. They are either brought to me or I pick them up and have been handled by a few people by the time I get them.

I know to keep them warm and to feed them watery FoNS, but about 75% of the 1-2 day olds are dying in me. Is there something I am not doing? Also, I am very careful to feed the right amount so the food does not go down the trachea. Is this just the way it is with the very young ones? I am on my way to pick up another one and I am filled with trepidation.

Meanwhile, I have raised some sparrows that have had a few more days with their parents and they have done very well. And I have had a much higher success rate with the pigeons. (When I get a phone call, I pray that it is a hatchling pigeon, not a songbird)

The only thing I can think to do is make sure the food I give them is warmer than I have been making it?


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Posted 25th July 2012, 02:00 PM
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Hi bronwyn,

Baby sparrows require a lot of work. They must eat every two-three hours, KayTee Baby bird food works best, make up a small amount, pry the beak open and use an eye dropper to get a small amount in the mouth. Within one or two feedings they should be looking at you with wide open mouths for food. It is a 24 hour a day job, but they die in a hurry if not fed often. Once they fledge, feeding can drop to three to four times a day, but before then, lots of work.

Check the starling web sites for more info.
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Posted 25th July 2012, 04:18 PM
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Actually...baby sparrows need to be fed every 15-30 minutes, from sun up to sum down. I've raised my share though the years and one of them, Sparkle, was with me for 9 years.
I always fed dry kitten chow, soaked until it's soft and as much as the baby will take per feeding. If it seems like you are constantly soaking and feeding, it's because you are. You never want to soak so much that bacteria will set in. I usually soaked 10 pieces at a time.
It is critical to feed them often enough and keep them warm enough so the baby can process the food.

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