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Posted 20th June 2011, 12:01 PM
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Help! Should I let Erwin go & be free?

I'm torn between keeping Erwin or letting him go. I have been away all week at my home in the city & Erwin did great due to the help I received at this awesome forum & seemed very happy. I don't have a computer there so I couldn't keep you updated on him.

Before I left Suffield county & went to Summit, where I live, a couple days before, I heard a commotion of many disturbed birds. I'd never heard so many stressed birds like I heard, before. I have heard them singing loudly when new babies hatched but this sound was very scary.

I ran out on the deck to see if I could figure why all the birds were upset as it seemed hundreds of birds from all the trees were extremely upset & there it came out of the huge pine tree Erwin fell or was pushed out of. A big Hawk. It came flying out of that tree like a bandit. I couldn't see if he had any babies or not but my first thought was, he could have taken Erwin had he been there.

Okay, before I saw that Hawk, there was an adult sparrow coming to feed that hung around at the patio door where I sat Erwin. This bird didn't seem to be interested in Erwin but just the same, came a lot & fed & stuck around where many others came & left. This bird wasn't looking at Erwin but remained close by. Erwin seemed to have no special interest in this bird, either, except the first time he spotted it & actually flew from his cage to flutter like a humming bird, in one place, at the screen trying to get that bird's attention, it seemed.

There always seems to be the same sparrows or doves who hang out here with all the many other birds coming to feed & going but I think this bird is Erwin's parent. I believe that because a few days prior to the Hawk, I sat Erwin on the deck in his cage, which by the way, he loves. I read they are hard to get back into the cage but Erwin loves his, it seems. And I read the parents look for them up to 48 hours but this began like a week or so later after we'd found Erwin.

Anyway, Erwin was in his cage on the deck & I let my two five pound dogs out. My Pom, Tiffany & her son, Bear, who's half chihuahua. Erwin hadn't been exposed to them much & when they passed his cage he was frantic & flying around when a sparrow, I think it may have been the same one I'd seen hanging, came to Erwin's aid. This bird was trying to scare the dogs away, it was evident. Then when bringing them back in, Erwin, again, became frantic & again the sparrow came as in attack mode around Erwin's cage, fluttering there & screaming.

I then took him out by the tree he was found at & left his door open & I did the same on the patio where the, might be, parent was hanging in hope they would meet up. He didn't come out. He seemed afraid to leave his cage. All the while my family, my Granddaughters & husband, watched from windows in a panic, not wanting Erwin to go.

LOL. in fact, my macho husband yelled at me to "GO GET "MY" BIRD." I didn't know Erwin was his, LOL.

The fear in my heart for Erwin not meeting up with his family over took me, so twice, I brought him back in. Three times counting the first time when we first found him as I sat him by that Pine tree but no bird came to claim him.

As I said, Erwin was fine at my home but when we got back here he became frantic to get outside. He was flying into the screen & when I put him back in his cage, he was distressed & wanted out really bad, running back & forth.

He was so upset he wouldn't eat & I put him to bed in his room, covering his cage. (I wonder if I need to even cover his cage?)

He was listless in the morning & wouldn't eat but it may have been more my imagination as I have noticed it takes him a while to wake up & want to eat, before this incident. I was so worried. It may have been he'd worn his little self out the night before in his aggressive pattern to escape as he would not calm down. He seems okay now but that episode really scared me for Erwin.

My heart says he wants so bad to be free but I'm so worried he won't meet up with his family & survive.

This morning, along with that sparrow, I think Erwin's parent, for the first time, came two babies the size of Erwin. Maybe his siblings. He seemed no more interested in them than any other birds but I wonder if they are all related to Erwin? They were Erwin's size & their tails were all the same length but the markings on the little ones matched the adult sparrow where Erwin is duller & hasn't the same distinct markings.

I read the females don't chirp except at mating time but these little birds were as does Erwin, all the time, so I'm confused.

That parent bird doesn't seem to be interested in him except for the two times when the dogs scared Erwin.

This suspected parent has an identifying black mark on it's chest so I know it's the same one & have seen it with another bird that had been with it before the Hawk incident so I wonder if the Hawk got the other one, the duller one?

I hope to get a lot of feed back on whether or not I should let Erwin go. He's between 3 & 4 weeks old, now. I'll take all input I get into my mind & heart & make the decision so please add what you have to say.

He just feels so lonely to me in that big room tailor made for him but I could be wrong. There's 5 of us. along with friends, who give him a lot of attention as in bringing him out of his room to other parts of the house but that may not be enough because this pain in my heart saying he'd rather be free is very strong. But not as strong as the fear that enters in each time I try to let him go.

He seems to want out really bad but when he's outside & his door is open he seems afraid to leave his cage.

Please tell me what I should do in Erwin's best interest & thank you in advance.

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keep or free, sparrow

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