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Posted 2nd June 2013, 05:19 AM
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They will tell you what they want
Once they are completely weaned for a couple of weeks see how they are
I've had ones that came back for food for a while
They eventually come less and less as they make thier way in the world
You can always keep them too, they are fun little pets
Can be challenging to eat the right foods at times and they switch thier favorites often
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Posted 13th November 2013, 02:21 AM
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I know it's been some time since I posted but I just wanted to be a doting mommy and show off my growing pair.
They are both still alive, still thriving, and doing great! Not to mention; they are TALKING! As in human words!

The older of the two, oddly enough, has not lost all of it's adolescent plumage around it's face and is a tad smaller than it's companion. It's also a bit quieter but the more 'fiesty' of the pair. I've kept a close eye on it and have noticed that, although it's at a much slower rate, it's still growing into it's adult plumage, still has a hearty appetite, loves bathing, playing with toys, etc.

The younger of the two(the one whom is fully plumed, etc) is the talker. Says 'whatcha doing', 'good bird', makes clicking 'kissy' noises, and attempts to make a bit of other little chatters that sound rough but familiarly similar to actual words, etc. So I think, in the long run, the pair are doing excellent!

They are let out frequently to stretch their wings and we give them a small area where we cover the ground with wood shavings and sprinkle various food types and treats beneath it's cover to give them a chance to 'forage'. We also crush the heads of meal worms and give them the insects occasionally as treats while infrequently enough to prevent them from deciding they want to live off of them solely.

Still have them on a high-protein kitten chow that has meat as the first product that we wet and supplement with bird vitamins and, in the very end, it seems like they love it.

SO! Just an update guys but! I think they're doing great!
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Posted 13th November 2013, 03:21 PM
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They look great. Cute that they are talking. I don't think you need to crush the heads on the mealworms. They eat things like that in the wild, and worse.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass........It's about learning to dance in the rain.
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Posted 23rd November 2013, 07:51 PM
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Yeah you don't have to kill the mealworms, but make sure you dust them with calcium
I have been training my starling with waxworms
As he matured he got more wild and fearful of hands
I taught him how to step up in 5 minutes with them
He is so smart
He's taking too, sais hey buddy, pretty pretty bird, I love you, makes kissy noises and whistles songs
Got him a canary cd to teach him pretty canary songs
Love him
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starling baby, young bird

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