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Posted 4th June 2012, 10:33 AM
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Today I just rescued a Cockatiel from a Flea Market

Oh yes, they get along fine. I will be gone the first part of the day and come back and they are napping or welcoming me home. Harry is still a baby himself. Jazz my female cockatiel will let him eat with her. They get along just fine. Harry the conure will preen Pumpkin's face real gently, not saying there aren't times that he gets accidentally rough, but he stops and leans his head to be preened and Pumpkin will preen him as well. The only thing is with Harry, he doesn't pluck the feathers off my cockatiels but when my diamond doves that are in a cage put their tail feathers through the bars of the cage Harry will pluck a feather and play with it until he accidentally loses it then I have to stop him from plucking anymore tail feather off my diamond doves. I squirt him with a water bottle. He doesn't like that. I make sure that he can see the water bottle and that stops him for a while.
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Posted 4th June 2012, 10:43 AM
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I know this is not a funny situation, but your tiel kinda has that punk rocker look going for it He will be beautiful when fully feathered. Or should I say handsome. Don't want to upset him!
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Posted 9th June 2012, 01:46 PM
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Posts: 154 i feel more happier cuz i did same thing but 2 a dove. she has permanent wing broken and was being pooped/steped on by the rest while n the flea market. she eats ALOT but wont ever fly ever again. cant wait till i go 2 collge n finish college n buy a home with BIG backhard so i can turn it into a huge aviary zoo patio for birds to fly n feel happy.

didnt know fleas/bird bugs make feathers fall off....gona memorize that so when i move alone i can rescue birdies at my new place. im so happy 4 the birdy!!!
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plucked pied cockatiel

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