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Shapyra Shapyra is offline
Posted 30th April 2019, 12:09 PM
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Tawny owlet questions

This lil guy was brought in by some people saying "It was on the floor and there were no parents around at all" Not sure how true that is, but what is done is done. I know how to take care of fully grown owl, but not small ones so to be careful I want some information on this. (We don't have any avian vets nearby..So it might take some time before this chick is going to a proffesional. A vet that would take up a bird is completely in a different city.)

This is from Lithuania, Tawny owls are fairly common and they nest here so it is clear that this is a Tawny owlet.

Age is about two weeks. Or so we speculate.

I have them for only two days, first day all I had was chicken livers so I gave that, felt the belly until it was not too hard and not to soft. Now I cut up and pull apart a mouse(They are own bred for snakes) for meat and intestines for the nutriton.
What bothers me is the droppings, I guess since this owlet doesn't get any fur or bones so there are no pellets(And I don't know when to even introduce bits of fur and bone)But I haven't seen a bird of prey chick poop so its droppings seem unnfamilar to me, even problematic because:

The urite seems too yellow and it has these yellowish brown little bits, like it is a bit hard even and the urine seems greenish(This was first day after feeding only liver)

The second day after the mouse the urite is less yellow but the urine has a green tint.
I feear that there is a liver problem and there are no vets around, so my best bet is here and what I can do to atleast help a bit or what to avoid to not make it worse. All I know is that everything has to be lean.

Note: Its behaviour seems fine. No wheezing, no being all puffed up and almost sitting into a ball. It screams alot and twitters when fed (Ofcourse starts being a loud peep after a few minutes after feeding. Chicks are just great.) It walks around, somtimes sleeps while standing, other times lays down and sometimes turns up its head and sleeps while sitting on the heels.
In short...No sickly behaviour. I am also considering giving a cut up mouse in the morning and evening and in the day to just give the mouse pinkies that are atleast a few days old.

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