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Colombina Colombina is offline
Posted 31st August 2019, 06:21 AM
Join Date: Jan 2017
Country: Italy
Posts: 917
I know Garye2, some vets are horrible. I'm glad that you could help her thanks to the advice you got here: this forum is great! I'm sure that Maggie and you spent together eight fantastic years!

I know that my vet didn't kill Susanna intentionally (I know that he loves pigeons and all birds) but it was a really really horrible experience. When I think about her and her death I still feel really bad...and I miss her a lot.
At least, my vet learned from that experience and stopped with that practice.

Years ago I brought a baby pigeon to an avian vet here in France, even if I wanted to pay for the visit, she refused to visit him (just because he was a pigeon. She would have visited a dove!). The poor Cappuccino died. When I rescued my broken wing pigeon Apple I called an Italian avian vet... She also refused to visit her... Apple had an infected injury so needed surgery and antibiotics...but she told me "put her a bandage!" My vet (the one who made that horrible mistake with Susanna) operated her, put her a bandage, etc. Now she is a happy pigeon, has a wonderful husband and, even if she can't fly, she has her own independence. He also saved many other pigeons and doves, he is an excellent surgeon, I can't say the opposite.

My mum, when I was a little child, had a really traumatic and horrible experience (I can't remember it). She had a German shepherd, she loved her so much. Accidentally the dog swallowed a needle. Long story short, they took the dog at the emergency animal clinic, the vet read the X-ray in the wrong way and operated the dog on the wrong side (on the left instead of on the right or viceversa I don't remember). As he couldn't find the needle (because it was on the opposite side) he actually killed the poor dog looking for the needle. She died in an horrible way. My mum was devastated, she still misses her a lot, she still dreams about her and he is still really angry. She still suffers from that.

Anyway, how is Aggie doing? I hope she is fine 😊!
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Garye2 Garye2 is offline
Posted 31st August 2019, 06:22 PM
Join Date: Mar 2019
Posts: 89
I wish more vets would handle pigeons. They're really nice birds that make excellent pets. I've had to rely heavily on this website for care because of the vets in my area that "don't do pigeons."

Aggie's doing fine. Is now settled on two eggs she just laid.

So sorry about the experiences you've had with vets. It's good that you've found one now that will handle pigeons. I wish I could find one around here.
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Colombina Colombina is offline
Posted 2nd September 2019, 11:01 AM
Join Date: Jan 2017
Country: Italy
Posts: 917
Thanks Garye2.

I'm glad to hear that Aggie is doing well!

Here there is also another vet who handles pigeons (she helped me a lot when my pigeon Caterina, the baby's mum, got yeasts) but I have never found a good vet in Italy. The ones who accepted to visit pigeons and doves didn't know anything about them... Years ago I rescued a pigeon, Friz, who had salmonella, the vet made a misdiagnosis and so gave the wrong treatment. When we brought him to my French vet it was too late... The poor Friz died. I loved him so much...

Anyway, is there a bird shop? I found my French vet asking to a bird shop the name of an avian vet (btw I found a good clinic for my beloved cat Kira in the same way: asking to a pet shop). As a bird shop sells birds it must have an avian vet...have you ever tried to ask? If you are lucky, you could maybe find a good one who handles also pigeon...
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