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tlosab2016 tlosab2016 is offline
Posted 8th April 2019, 02:48 PM
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2 spoiled birds not feeling well

Hello All,

Hi Everyone! My name is Samantha and I am in need of some advice/assistance. I have two female ferals that my bf and I rescued approx. 1.5 and 3 years ago. Their current age is 1.5 (she was only a few days old when we got her) and anywhere from probably 3.5 - 5? We aren't quite sure on the older one. we weren't actually planning to keep the older one but when we attempted to release her, she kept coming back every night just before dark. This went on for close to 3 months, finally we decided she must not want to be a wild pigeon anymore. She also doesn't fly. She can fly, perfectly fine even, she just chooses not to. We did bring her to the vet because we were concerned there may be a underlying issue and thats why she doesn't fly and in 3 years...nothing. They have both always been healthy.

They have *mostly* free run of the house. They wear their pigeon pants proudly, lol. Well, now anyway...it was a struggle at first! They get pigeon seed mix from either Magnolia Bird Farm, Jedd's or in a pinch the feed store down the street. I'm not exactly sure what all is in it anymore, but at one time I know I researched it and decided it was acceptable seed for them. They get fresh veggies and fruits, though they rarely touch them. Also they have red grit and oyster shell all the time in a separate bowl.

So, here is whats going on. Starting last night they almost seem like they are really tired. Both are laying down, one wing dropped and a little fluffed up. Their eyes are either closed or squinting. This morning they started sneezing and I think one has nasal discharge. My boyfriend doesn't agree on the discharge, he thinks I'm nuts and overly paranoid. They also are scratching their heads. Not excessively but often to make me worry about it. Also while they laying down resting every once in a while they hiccup/cough(?)...thats the best way I can describe it. Its not abnormal for them to lay on their bellies and snooze or sun bathe, they do it often. They are a pair, if that makes a difference. They each lay every month and take turns sitting on the eggs. I'm not sure if I left anything out, I don't think so.

I suspect they could have mites. I was looking at their feathers and the edges seem a little more "ragged" than normal and also I noticed a few tiny pinholes when held up to the window. So I believe we need to treat for that at the very least and probably more but I'm not sure what exactly. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Also I know they should be getting vitamins, probiotics, ACV, etc...but not sure exactly what I should be giving them, how often, etc. so I would really appreciate suggestions in that area as well. I am located in Los Alamitos, CA which is local to both Jedd's Bird Supply and Magnolia Bird Farm. I could possibly still make it there today but its likely going to have to be in the morning as they both close pretty early.

Sorry so long winded! Thank you in advance,


***Also I should prob mention it has gotten quite warm here over the past couple of days. Its probably right around 78-80 in the house. They can go out to their attached birdie condo outside but so far, haven't. They pretty much are house birds unless I force the issue.
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Marina B Marina B is offline
Posted 13th April 2019, 09:25 AM
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Do you give them calcium with added Vit D3? If they are being kept indoors with no exposure to sunlight, they will need this on a regular basis. If they lay eggs every month, their bodies will get depleted of calcium and they might get eggbound.
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Posted 13th April 2019, 09:44 AM
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Now mature and laying eggs, (congrats on two hens!), but, depending on where you live if they just went through winter and now as the daylight is longer, this will stimulate to lay eggs, as said vitamin d3 with calcium is needed as the pigeon diet lacks it. If feral they get it from picking at old fossil shells and greens. But you can supplement them with a bird calcium supplement with d3, plus get them in the sunshine as that metabolizes the use of the d3, in turn makes the body able to use the calcium, calcium is for shell hardness and also for muscle contraction of dispelling the eggs.
Hens can get down before and after laying even with calcium , or they can act off, have large volume stool and be tired.

I would treat for feather lice as they were feral and treat again in three weeks as the eggs of the lice could still be there.
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Posted 14th April 2019, 01:30 AM
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You said they were scratching their heads. Are they scratching their nose? Have you looked down their throats to see if there is anything down there? Are they eating the same amount they were before? Are they drinking more than before?

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