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Howl Howl is offline
Posted 27th February 2019, 03:06 AM
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A toenail got pulled off, how to protect the remaining quick

Hi all. My bird was standing on a door when I absentmindedly closed it and her toes got caught. Now bleeding has stopped but one of her toe has 2 lines of tore skin along its side. Another toe had its nail pulled out but the quick remains. I applied neosporin on the toes (but not the quick) and bandage them using the self-adhesive bandage for animals (i.e. it is supposed to not stick to her feather or flesh). I am concerned with the following:
1) The quick can cause her pain or get bleed again now that it's exposed. Currently I have applied a thick layer of bandage around the toe to prevent the quick from touching perches and floors when she walks, and covered perches with soft pads. What do you think is a good way to protect the quick? Right now she's still eating, walking around and would chase my hand if I put it in the cage, sometimes lies down on her stomach, but prefer standing on 1 leg. Does it mean that it's not causing her too much pain?

2) I am wondering if I should take her to a vet. But vets in my city are not avian vets and not used to handling birds, and catching and taking her there is stressful for her. Could you please advise if taking her to a non-avian vet in this case could really be helpful for her, and if you think it's better to do so, could you please suggest what I should ask the vet to do/not do?

3) Will another nail grow to replace the lost one?

Many thanks in advance.

I have also posted this on Palomacy group. Sorry if you are also a member of that group and see this twice, but I am really hoping to get some more suggestions.

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Howl Howl is offline
Posted 27th February 2019, 09:49 AM
Join Date: Nov 2017
Country: Viet Nam
Location: Hanoi
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I changed the bandage for her after half a day. It seems to me that she does not hurt when I slightly clean the exposed quick with a qtip. It's the other toe with cuts along the side that hurts and when I opened the bandage it bled a bit again.

I think I will take her to the vet tomorrow around the time when the bandage is supposed to be changed again.
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julianek julianek is offline
Posted 2nd March 2019, 11:00 AM
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I know that a toe nail can grow back. A young feral pigeon got very curious this past summer and her nail got stuck in one of those tiny openings of the sliding door of my balcony. She quickly flew away as I approached and lost her nail. I saw the bleeding and I thought I was going to have to rescue her, but the bleeding stopped after a few hours and the new nail grew back fully later (after a few weeks).
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