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Posted 23rd December 2009, 07:49 PM
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Thanks, Larry, and happy holidays to you! Hope your situation changes to where you can again be actively involved with pigeons. They need all the friends they can find!
Terri B
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Posted 23rd December 2009, 07:55 PM
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You are an old timer here and an exceptional person in general.

Best wishes for the happiest of holidays! Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a happy HEALTHY New Year!

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Posted 3rd January 2010, 02:52 PM
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My injured Pigeon is recovering from a large chest wound. The vet fixed her chest and she is on antibiotcs. I have her in a large box near a window that opens and is sunny. The Vet told me this wild feral Pigeon may need to be keep as a pet because of the severity of the wound. She is so strong and noble. I love her and hope she can return to her friends.
She also had a old injury, a broken leg, that has a callous on on side. The vet will look at that after her chest wound recovers
Can anyone tell me about keeping them in the sun it ok . Also I only handle her twice a day to give her the antibiotic and she bats her wings at me. I guess I would be upset too. What is the best Pigeon food?

Thanks, kathleen

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Posted 3rd January 2010, 05:28 PM
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Hi Kathleen,

Sorry if your post has gone unanswered, it might have been better in a new thread so I would have been spotted easily.

I find my birds love the sun and will lie right out in it. I have to watch them sometimes as they do hyperventilate if it gets too warm so your bird should be fine as long as it has the option to be able to move out of it if needed.
They also really love bathing, and even at the moment here while it's ice cold, if I don't put a bath out ofr them every few days, they try and bath in their water bowl. So they seem to be able to tolerate varying temperatures.

All mine bat their wings when I have to handle them, the trouble is they see hands as bad news as the only reason I ever have to pick them up is to give them meds, which like your bird they don't really enjoy. Hopefully once your bird is fully recovered you can try and encourage it to see hands as friendly by tempting him with some treats.
Apart from a good seed mix surprisingly they love to eat greens. I chop some watercress or lettuce, spinach leaves etc daily for them and it's eaten straight away. Worth a try.

I hope your bird makes a good recovery from his wound and that the vet can help it's leg aswell.

Keep us posted as to how he's getting along.

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Posted 6th February 2010, 06:39 AM
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Country: United Kingdom
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This is my first post!!
It all started out for me 3 years ago raising a wood pigeon squab who had been crushed by my, then, tree surgeon boyfriend accidently cutting his tree down. His name is 'Timber' and he's still here with me as his broken wing didn't ever heal enough for release. He now lives in a giant avairy which I built for him along with (currently 21!!) other disabled wood pigeons, ferrals, a crow with an amputated wing, 3 jackdaws (1 shot victim, 1 fox victim and 1 amputated wing). I take in wild birds from all the local vets now and help a local wildlife rescue centre by taking in the disabled birds that they cannot keep and would otherwise be put down. Its a nice rewarding little feathered family I have here now!!

My pigeons love to bath in the sun. As long as there is a shaded area available for them if they get too hot. When it gets really hot in the summer I tie a sprinkler to the roof of my avairy so that it spirnkles over 1 half of the avairy. They love to sit under it and cool off.

I feed my pigeons and doves a great mix called 'pigeon conditioner', nice small digestible seeds, and they are really healthy on it. Also they like finely chopped up peanuts, spinach, green peas, sweetcorn and crushed up digestive biscuits!!! Also you may want to consider a probiotic and vitamin suppliment. The one I use is you just put in the water for them.

Good luck with everything!!
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Posted 6th February 2010, 06:53 AM
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Hello Dodo Donna!

Great to meet you!

Where are you located? (Heh, heh, more birds may come your way if we know). You're in Australia? No problem, we have a bird in Sussex, England just for you. You're in Mexico? No problemo, amiga, I've got a relative in Texas who has a wounded pigeon for you. You're in Oregon? Finland? South Africa? Sri Lanka? LOL.

It's a small world.

It's always nice to meet people who care about creatures other than Number One. Of course, Number One is important also. But there should always be enough left over to encompass the rest of the world, when we're not at war with ourselves and running scared from ourselves, trying to save our behinds from getting nipped.

With your large collection of rescued ferals, it sounds as if you have an ideal home entertainment system. LOL.

Keep us posted!

some art, cartoons, illustrations, pigeon photos, general nonsense

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dodo donna dodo donna is offline
Posted 6th February 2010, 09:29 AM
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Hello Larry!

Thanks for your reply. I am in Kent UK.

jennifer18 jennifer18 is offline
Posted 23rd August 2010, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Trees Gray View Post
My bird Whiskey, who is a hen has a wing that drags a little, but it was broken in a place that enables her to only fly a foot off the ground, yet it almost looks normal when she holds it to her side. My rehabber examined it thoroughly and told me should not be able to fly anymore. She is able to live a somewhat normal life with her mate, Pluto who is not handicapped. Because he provides a box for her and himself. I lift her to the dining room about three times a day. I also leave seed and water on the aviary floor so she can help herself, when the weather is agreeable. She blames me for her injury and pecks at me every time I help her. It is especially hard for her when the male is chasing her to the nest. I have to lock him up so she can get a break to eat, because he doesn't understand.

Hamilton, my male handicapped pigeon, also injured his wing but he can't get any lift out of it, though he holds it normal. Life was very difficult for him after rehab, he lost his cubby and his role in the pigeon hierarchy. He lived on the floor and tried to reclaim his mate. I made him cubby close to the floor but she wouldn't come near, and another male stole her heart. I was heartbroken to see him watching her and when Laurie posted that she needed a handicapped male for her beautiful handicapped hen, Penelope I was all for it. He now resides on a farm in Virginia in a specially made handicapped loft for two. It's become a love nest and the two are devoted to each other.

They both (Whiskey and Hamilton) broke their wings around the ame time, so watching them I thought I had something major, like Paratyphoid in the loft, but that wasn't the case. They must have run into each other making a quick getaway into the loft upon seeing a hawk. They just don't understand there is a barrier between them and the outisde.

Here is what I learned about handicapped pigeons:

1. Hens can make the adjustment in coop life, if they have a non-handicapped mate, though the human has to help. They are still as honory as ever, it hasn't humbled her at all, in fact she is meaner now. But I pamper her.

2. Male pigeons can't survive as handicapped pigeons in regular loft. You either have to design a loft off the ground with easy access to everything, or find a home that will provide that. They have to have sure footing so they don't fall over, so make sure the wire is 1/4 inch and well supported with frame. Bowls should be non-tippable, and low so they can't fall into the water and drown. Bowls should be tied down too. Hamilton learned to run real fast, but I had to be there, because he would trip in an uneven area and couldn't get up again. Also, make sure that their every step to and from anything leaves no chance for them to trip or fall.

3. It's far better to find a home for a favorite bird, if you love him, then to keep the bird and have him be unhappy the rest of his life. If you can't make the proper home for a handicapped pigeon, find him is worth all the works to do it. They DO need companionship-of at least one other pigeon.

As far as one eye sighted pigeons, I have two. It isn't a real issue as they seem to be doing fine with other pigeons. Both mine have mates and do well.

Completely blind pigeons are another story, and I'm going to leave that to those who have them, because I only baby sat one for three weeks. But what a delight and a learning experience that was.

I baby sat Larry, and fell in love with him. He is every bit as normal as any male pigeon, but without eyes. I could not leave him with my birds without being there, but he needed to feel part of the group without getting picked on.

His bowls are always in the same place and had to be cleaned several times a day, because even though he figured out where they were, he still pooped in them. He loved the sun and loved being hosed off and delighted in the smells of outdoors. He loved the feel of grass under his feet, as all he ever felt was the bottom of a cage. I lined his cage with paper towels and he loved it, as I could tell, all the poop he left was on the paper towels not the rest of the wired cage.

It's hard to provide them company as he either will get picked on or the pigeons thought he was weird and won't go near. Recently Doreen has tried to find him a mate, but he is so overaggressive it's hard. He also pecks at anything that brushes up against him, until he feels the hand scratching and preeining him, then he preens too. But his hearing and his sense of touch, and feel and his sense of smell and taste is all he has now, so its best to provide him with things that fill those senses with delight. I gave him plush paper towels for bedding, frequent access to sun and wind and the grass and other pigeons, as much as we could handle.

His eyes are only sockets and sometimes he had discharge that needed to be cleaned, and I washed them with a drop of colloidal silver. He was very easy to adminsiter vitamins and stuff too, as he didn't see me. He did weird head rolling and reminded me of his blindness. He would roll his head clear to his back. Sometimes he would run in circles, and I didn't know if he was bored or because he was blind. I don't know if those actions are because of his blndness or the residual effects of the blunt trauma to his head that he received with his initial injuries. I gave him as much attention as I could, they do need lots of attention and love, especially if they cannot have contact with other pigeons.
Could you get a "stuffie" for Larry, especially if it was one of those birds that made breed appropriate noises when touched. I've seen some at the feed store, look like birds, and I know there was a dove that coo'ed, not sure about pigeon.
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Posted 23rd August 2010, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by jennifer18 View Post
Could you get a "stuffie" for Larry, especially if it was one of those birds that made breed appropriate noises when touched. I've seen some at the feed store, look like birds, and I know there was a dove that coo'ed, not sure about pigeon.
Thank you for your suggestion, the last time I heard from the rehabber, Larry finally did get a real life mate, one that truly could bond to him and he to her.

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