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hezzyhughes hezzyhughes is offline
Posted 27th July 2019, 05:58 PM
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Help! Rehab bird w/red poop

Hi everyone,

Background: I have a fledgling mourning dove. His nest was destroyed and I tried to reunite him with the mama bird with no luck. Due to the location at the time I had no option other than let him die outside (he was much smaller then) or try to rehab him myself. I have been feeding him for 2 weeks with baby bird formula and have introduced seeds over the last week.

Problem: Today he has red droppings. Nothing has changed in his diet but it was the first day that I've had to leave him alone in his cage for a few hours while I wasn't around. I don't know if he has started to eat the pink pellets in the seed mix (was avoiding all the colored pellets previously) or if there is a medical issue. He is otherwise acting normal (which I know isn't an indication of health for wild birds :/)

Are there any recommendations besides vet ASAP? The only reason I am hesistant to bring him to a wildlife rehab is because he was rescued in Arizona and I am currently in California. I was planning on releasing him near where his nest was originally once he's able to fly and likely to survive in the wild. My understanding is that wildlife rehab will only take local animals. If this is likely not an emergency is there anything I can do in the meantime?

Any advice is appreciated. I am currently in San Diego, CA.
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Colombina Colombina is offline
Posted 28th July 2019, 06:27 AM
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Hi, I give to my birds a mixture for canaries containing dehydrated colored fruits (they love it!), sometimes even their droppings are red (droppings are influenced by food).

At your place I would remove the colored pellets and I would carefully monitor the new droppings.
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Marina B Marina B is offline
Posted 28th July 2019, 06:49 AM
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Regarding releasing him: he won't survive out there by himself, he was raised by a human and was not taught by his parents where to find food, water, shelter, escaping predators etc. The best you can do for him will be to try a soft release from your home. He will need to spend time in an outside aviary to get familiar with the area. After releasing you will need to supply him with a backup food and water supply for he will return (if he does not get lost or caught by a predator).

It's not so easy releasing them. If you found him at a very young age, he might be human imprinted and too tame to be released.
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