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Posted 30th September 2006, 10:48 AM
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Infection - Big Problems

Hi everyone

We have a crisis in our "keeper" aviary. Most of the birds are moulting now so it has not been unusual to see them puffed out some. Yesterday morning, everyone was fed and watered as usual. Lewis went for his walk, came back home and checked the aviaries. He brought Ringo in because he was breathing heavily, open mouthed, puffed out badly. He went back to the aviary and brought in Simon who was doing the same thing. Simon is my very best buddy and I took her from him and held her. She started convulsing and Lewis took her back and she died within a minute or so. Right now, I'm not even thinking about the loss of Simon because of trying to do something for the others.

We immediately took her body to the lab and the pathologist called later that afternoon and said her "lungs" were badly infected and he would have to send off tissue to see what had caused this. He advised us to put all in the aviary on Baytril. I called our vet who said the same thing. So, we brought all 31 or so in and gave them Baytril yesterday afternoon. Most of them appear to be ok although 1 or 2 are puffed out some.

Ringo is holding on although I don't see how. He is puffed out twice his size and his sides visually move in and out. He is on a heating pad.

Last Sunday, Boss Hog, who is a white homing pigeon, had similar symptoms and we brought him in and put him on a heating pad in a quiet room and I gave him one dose of Baytril. Monday morning we took him to the vet. She examined him and said he had concussion (though we don't know how that could be) and gave a steroid shot. He seemed to improve slightly but I put him back on Baytril on Tuesday. His stool is extremely watery. He remains in the dining room.

The odd thing about whatever this is, is the birds continue to eat pretty good but there has been a weight loss for the 3 that appear to have it. All birds were treated in August for both worms and coccidiosis and then had a round of Probios afterwards.

I just don't know what is going on but we're trying to hang in there. Although the other birds in the other 2 aviaries are special, the ones we call our "keepers" were extra special and we love them very much.

Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers.

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