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sophtoph sophtoph is offline
Posted 1st March 2019, 10:11 AM
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Injured feral pigeon can't stand/balance


I'm not at all experienced in rescuing animals and am not very familiar with birds, so I'm hoping someone can help me with an injured feral pigeon.

He/she cannot stand, but otherwise seems in good health. There are no obvious injuries I can see, it doesn't feel emaciated and is defecating fairly frequently with quite normal looking bird mess (white/dark green). I'm not sure if the issue is with one or both legs; it seems to stick one leg straight out and won't put the other foot down. I have had a feel around for swelling or any indication or internal injuries but I don't really know what I'm looking for. Its wings seem to be functioning normally, as it keeps escaping from the enclosure I've built for him in my shed. But when it lands it just tips forward onto its chest and face.

I'm unsure how to proceed or what is wrong with the poor fellow. He definitely needs a wash, as he keeps falling over into his own mess. Would a warm, damp cloth be best to just lightly sponge the mess off its feathers? Also it's been at least 24 hours with no water, so I'm aware I need to get some fluids in it before dehydration sets in. It seems uninterested in a small water bowl I have placed out, but I have a small syringe tube feeder (I work in an aquarium) so wondered if I should attempt to feed it some water?

Any guidance would be much appreciated. I'm in North Devon, UK, by the way.

Thank you,

Sophie (and pigeon)
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Friend John Friend John is offline
Posted 1st March 2019, 12:21 PM
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Here is a list of no-kill animal shelters in Devon, maybe one of them can help:

You can also check out the FAUNA Wildlife Rescue, which is a bit further away (Cardiff, South Wales) but other posters found them helpful:
FAUNA Wildlife Rescue -Cardiff South Wales UK
Phone: 07796796791

"Squirrel, pigeon, gull, rat & mouse friendly.
We are an organisation dedicated to the rescue & care of sick injured & orphaned wild animals & birds for recovery, rehabilitation & release."

You can also try Help Wild Life. is a charity run advice website which is part of the Starlight Trust

Another source is Pigeon Rescue and Protection UK. This is a UNITED KINGDOM NETWORK that focuses on the rescue and welfare of pigeons and doves in the UK AND IRELAND.

You'll have to right-click on the links and open them in a new tab\window or they won't work.
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