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Posted 1st August 2019, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Picollo30 View Post
Quick Update

My female dove Afonso is back home from a week stay in the vet, she is taking her medicines,. Tramadol for the pain, Liquid Calcium, Liquid Vitamins (she had a broken wing /femur after she fell on the floor trying to fly, was to weak from egg laying).

She is recovering, still limping, she's walking but on one leg but her balance improved. But she's not eating, i mean, she has seeds and pellets on the bottom of the cage but she doesn't eat, though if i give her bread she eats it and starts pecking my brother's hand and face so he gives her more.

Bread doesn't provide any nutrition to the birds right? I'm puzzled and don't know why she's not eating. As for water i need to pick the drinker with water and show it to her and she drinks that way.

I wish i could see more improvements, i just hope she will be able to walk in the future
Originally Posted by Picollo30 View Post
Originally Posted by Colombina View Post
I really hope she will feel better soon. Let us know something on Monday.

You can cut the cuttlebone in small pieces with scissors.

Please keep us updated.
what can replace the cuttlebone i think its not appropriated to birds with a soft bill right? maybe grit? or powder calcium maybe?

Can you find there pigeon pickstones/picking blocks? The ones containing clay are really crumbly (see the first pic), I think that even your dove could easily eat them. If you find one, I will explain how to cut and to crumble it.
Also the ones containing anise are crumbly (see the second pic) but the ones containing clay are even more so.
Pickstones are good sources of calcium, minerals, etc. Clay helps to regulate the digestive system, etc.

Have you asked to the clinic what did they feed her? Maybe she got used to that food.
A sick or injured bird could not have a big appetite; maybe she eats just bread because, as you said in your first post, she really loves it. Does she have a favorite type of seed? If so, you could increase the amount of it in the mixture. All my birds love a mixture for canaries containing dehydrated fruits, you could try to offer it to her, it could pique her curiosity and stimulate her to eat seeds.
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