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Posted 12th May 2019, 09:07 AM
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My dove Afonso is sick. Please help

Hi guys

My female dove Afonso has a history of laying eggs and becoming very fatigued after, so i use to give her liquid calcium on her beak, vitamins on her beak as well (Axitol Pan), but as this last time she didnīt improve i called the vet and she told me to give her an anti-inflammatory as well (Meloxivet/Meloxicam).

This has started 9 days ago (past Saturday) she only put one egg, normal is two eggs with a one day interval, but she only put one. She looked ok with the meds and seemed to be on the path of a full recovery but in these past 2 days she is very lethargic and with what looks like respiratory difficulties

Things i notice:

- difficulty breathing but beak is not open to breathe better
- not fluffed up but is always sleeping on her perch
- one wing stays normal the other one falls a bit downwards
- tail falls downwards and moves down (tail bobbing)
- she eats normal, in fact she is eating alot
- drinks normal
- normal poop brown with white urates
- has trouble moving while turning to jump to the perch on the other side of the cage
- always lifting / spreading her wings up
- doesn't coo

i dont know what it can be, as the droppings look normal and she is eating and drinking well, but she is very lethargic. If it was a egg inside her all these days would she poop and eat normal?

Also if it was pain on her legs or wings the anti-inflammatory would have helped with that right, also she is taking calcium and vitamins...

I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow ASAP to see what's going on. She had liver problems in the past the first time i bought her (in 2011), she had a liver infection, due to eating fatty food and i had to give her a mixture of Legalon + Laevolac to cleanse and repair the liver.

She had also respiratory infections in the past which would be treated with Baytril or other antibiotic, it was never the same antibiotic.

In your experience what can it be? Liver? Kidney? Egg that's still inside her or maybe an infection although she is eating normal and her droppings look ok?

Please help

thanks in advance


Vitamins (Axitol) 0,1 ml in 100 ml water ( 2x / day)
Liquid Calcium 0,03 ml (2x / day) (8 days max)
Meloxivet / Meloxicam 0,03 ml 1x / day ( 5/6 days max)

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