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EdMurray EdMurray is offline
Posted 27th January 2006, 05:20 PM
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My Pigeon isn`t well...Please Help

Hello everyone.
I`ve been reading a lot of posts here and found some good info, however I`d like a little more advice if possible. I`ll give a few details.

Four years ago I found a young pigeon, a squab I guess you would call it. It was abandoned and I took it home. I managed to bring it on well and since then it has sort of lived with me, in the house. It goes out in the day (well it did until a few days ago) and comes in at night. As soon as dusk rolls in I`ll see it sitting near the patio door and I let it in. He has a sort of nest, plenty of pigeon food and fresh water.

Anyway, two days ago I saw him at the patio door and opened it and expected him to come jumping in as always. However, he just sat there. I knew something was wrong as he never does this. I went out and lifted him in, another thing that he never lets me do. Although I`ve had him for four years I never did manage to tame him so that I could stroke him or lift him up.

Well, since then I`ve had him on a warm hot water bottle and covered up. He won`t move, drink or eat.
I`ve made ringers solution and have been trying to give it him, and I`ve made a mixture of small pigeon corn pieces, frozen peas (thawed!), and a little bread and water to bind it. I`ve been trying to feed him this too but it`s very difficult. Although he won`t move unaided, he can certainly make it difficult to feed him!
Sometimes I put his normal seed bowl right up to him and he actually bends down and tries to peck the seeds but he can`t seem to get any and gives up.

I have had a good look in his mouth and throat and can`t see anything wrong eg canker, and I`ve checked him over thoroughly and can find no outward signs of injury.
I`m at a loss as to what to do. I don`t have a vet near or any "bird" friends I can ask hence I`m here to ask you good folks for advice.

What can I do? What should I be feeding him? My local pet store is useless, they don`t have any medicines or formula stuff I can make up. I`d be so grateful for any suggestions.
I`m not even sure of how much I should be trying to feed him or water him. Could someone please let me know the quantities I should be aiming to get into him? Maybe you could approximate in teaspoon measures so I know exactly what you mean?

Please help, he`s a lovely little chap and I`d love to bring him back to health.

All the best,
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