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Posted 3rd August 2019, 01:43 PM
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Pet Pigeon lays egg, without ever stepping outside ..

Heres a thread for someone who is unable to create a thread.

Its a strange case, and this is what he has to say.

Originally Posted by Lastmatrix
my pigeon pet laid on large egg last night- I am freaking out - she never been outside
Ok Lastmatrix,
can you respond with more details ?
Where is your pet usually located (by the window, roof, etc)?
Is she Caged ?
How old is she ? when and where did you find her ?
Are you around her all the time ? is it possible in your absence She had / has a mate who court(ed) her. Possibly will bring her food or other stuff to support her ?
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Posted 3rd August 2019, 04:28 PM
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My pigeon’s name is Lucky. She lives loose in my apartment with me alone. She is not used to outside and actually been outside once after I found her. She is always with me in the house. The windows have screens on them. The screens are always down when the windows are open.
This is her story: 3 years ago, I found this beautiful bird outside of my church on the top step of the stair leading to church. Below her was a cat waiting. When I opened the church door. There she was. She couldn’t fly. She had blood under her wings. I picked her up and went inside in the rectory building without my pastor finding out. The next day I took her to the pet store. The store owner yelled at me for bringing her in afraid she might be sick. He literally asked me to get out. After I explained to him that I needed help and did not know what to do with this bird, he told me to go home with her and feed her. I asked him with what to feed her? He sold me a pound of pigeon food. Then he told me if I want after she can fly to release her and see what happens.
So I took her him in a bag on the train to Brooklyn. After I got home, I cleaned her wings with water and fed her and gave her water.
Two weeks passed she was walking around with no problems. So I attempted to release her. I put her outside my window on the window ledge. For a whole night she was still there. She seems like she did not move. The next morning she was still there in the same position. Then in the afternoon after I got home, she was not there. Thank God I said.
The following day she came back on at my window. Oops. For three months I fed her on the window ledge.
Then I wanted to know her sex and I went to the same pet store owner for answers. He told me if she brings friends with her, she is a female. If not it’s a male. Got some pigeon food then I went back home.
Day after day the would come by to feed. Then another pigeon came with her one day - after maybe 3 days, I had 10 pigeons at my window.
One day in December, to my surprise, I opened my building door and found Lucky on the handrail of my stoop. I picked her up, put her u see my coat and brought her to my apartment.
The next day, I decided to go to church and release her there. I did. The bird wouldn’t fly. I pushed her finally and she flew to the parapet of the next building in the same compound. I was observing her for a while. No other pigeon would mix with her. She stayed there the entire day. I then said to myself enough was enough let me go push her again and see what happens. I went to that building roof and pushed her once more. Instead of flying up, she flew to the ground.
I went downstairs and picked her up. I went back home with her and for three years she has been with me in my apartment.
Needless to say I clean a lot - but it does not matter. Lucky is a great companion- she comes and stay next to my bed on the floor and stays there. She let me know when she needs water and food. She comes when I call her by name. She is basically like a dog.
Lately, she has been acting weird. She would play with my gym shoes - there is a particular pair of shoes she likes. She goes and lays there.
I take her with me to church sometimes.
I just love that bird.
Now, she produced an egg last night freaking me out. How is that at all possible?
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Posted 3rd August 2019, 11:27 PM
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I'm glad you took her home again after releasing her, she would not have survived out there after being raised by a human.

They do lay eggs, even if no male is around. The eggs will not be fertile, so you don't need to worry about babies hatching. Provide her with a nest to incubate the eggs. She will lay another egg soon. She will incubate the eggs for 2 1/2 - 3 weeks and then lose interest. You can then remove the eggs and she will lay another batch again.

Very important: you will need to supply her with regular calcium (with added Vit D3) in her drinking water. This will prevent her becoming eggbound, which can kill her. She is an indoor bird, and does not get sunlight for her body to absorb calcium. Laying eggs depletes the body of calcium.
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Posted 4th August 2019, 04:19 AM
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Thank you so much -
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egg, pigeon, strange behavior courting, without mating

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